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Dependent Custom Options for Magento 2

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Dependent Custom Options for Magento 2 extension helps improve product custom options by creating customizable options dependence.

Automatically attach ID number to each custom option as well as option value Apply the option IDs to an additional field of each product option to make them dependent Set the children options’ values to always be enabled or be enabled only if the parent option is selected Flexibly configure the children options display in case they are dependent on multiple options Support for customizable options of simple, configurable, bunble (without dynamic pricing), virtual and downloadable product

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Posted By: Jerome09 on August 10, 2019

To make some options depending on an option value, you simply need to enter their IDs to the “Dependent Options' IDs” field. Then, you can call the dependent options children options and the depended options as parent options Firstbank card

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