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Online Logistic Management System

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Are you looking for an affordable online solution for Logistics? Here at logicspice we offer Logistic Management System to make transportation easy for people across the world. With this Uship clone script transporters bid for deliveries, can communicate with clients and receive feedback after successful task completion.

If you want to launch your own logistic marketplace, then this transport marketplace script is the best online solution for your need and is also customizable according to your requirements.

Logicspice offers a feature rich transport marketplace with a unique set of features and functionality like -

  1. Add Shipment
  2. Submit quote
  3. Accept/Reject Request
  4. Track Shipment
  5. Review the shipping
  6. Compare Bidders
  7. Discount Promo Code
  1. you can easily find the complete code here -

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Posted By: Richardrobert on May 26, 2018

Equipped with configuration parameters, this platform can adapt to geography precise wishes and extraordinary logistic fashions. companies generally suffer from high operational costs in dealing with the entire supply chain proper from the first mile to the ultimate mile, scheduling dispatches and shortage of information for area people, failed delivery attempts etc. Best Essay Writing Service

Posted By: Arvind098 on September 29, 2018

If you goes to know that the windows setting then you know that the process that can held to find the access in your main account if you don't know the setting you don't know the function and do not change any icons.

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