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Pad removal hair remover soft Glowy

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Buy Hair Remover Pad easily remove your unwanted body hair!

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The Hair Remover Pad on nano applicator can be used on chin, upper lip, toe and bikini line. The Glowy Soft Pad on large applicator can be used on legs, hands, underarms and chest. Insure smooth hairless skin for 1-6 weeks, Soft, simple and painless.

  1. This Hair Remover departure pack engages you to oust unfortunate hair and get smooth fragile skin with no torment or bother notwithstanding peeling meanwhile! Its sensitive buffing movement empties hair giving your skin a fortifying lift and bringing back a sound standard, vivacious sparkle to your skin.
  2. By moving the cushion in a roundabout movement over clean dry skin, you can tenderly buff away undesirable hair rapidly and effortlessly, with no wreckage. Utilize the substantial depilatory on bigger territories, for example, legs, arms, underarms, back and chest Use the little depilatory on fragile regions, for example, the button, upper lip, swimsuit line, fingers and toes.
  4. Disregard difficult waxing and cruel shaving - It is the torment free option, keeping your skin hair free for up to 3 weeks - with no planning time or tidy up a short time later The cushions surface is sufficiently sensitive to not harm skin, but rather sufficiently intense to oust even the hardest hair.
  6. Dissimilar to waxing, Glowy Soft is sans torment and there is no requirement for any planning time or tidying up a short time later. You can convey it with you in your tote or take it on vacation. Each Pad is launder able and re-useable and dependant on hair thickness and utilization, can last you up to 3 months.
  8. Glowy Soft simple painless hair removal
  10. Exfoliates leaving soft hairless skin
  12. Designed for Hair Remover from both male & female bodies
  14. Set Contains:
  16. Hand Pad Holder
  18. Finger Pad Holder
  20. 5 x Small Pad
  22. 5 x Large Pad
  24. Product Details:
  26. Hair Remover Pad (5) - L 7.5cm, W 3.5cm, D 1.5cm
  28. Glowy Soft Pad (5) - L 11cm, W 8cm, D 1.5cm

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