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To use this free scraper for instagram business profiles you need to have account at known [web scraping service]( This scraper allow you to scrape contact details from business profiles and also indicate if profile is business or not.

Scraper uses mobile API, so you will need to use instagram login and password. **MAKE SURE YOU DONT USE YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT**. API usage is unofficial and you are using it on your own risk.

So to use it you need to login to your Diggernaut account, create project, then create a digger and then click on "Add configuration" button and copy&paste below scraper code there.

You need to set your instagram username at line 8, instagram password at line 11 and list of usernames you want to retrieve data for (as comma separated list) at the line 14.

Then save your configuration and run the digger. In some time you should be able to download data.


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