Open transactions with text and plans

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  1. SELECT s_tst.[session_id],
  2. s_es.[login_name] AS [Login Name],
  3. DB_NAME (s_tdt.database_id) AS [DATABASE],
  4. s_tdt.[database_transaction_begin_time] AS [BEGIN TIME],
  5. s_tdt.[database_transaction_log_record_count] AS [Log Records],
  6. s_tdt.[database_transaction_log_bytes_used] AS [Log Bytes],
  7. s_tdt.[database_transaction_log_bytes_reserved] AS [Log Rsvd],
  8. s_est.[text] AS [LAST T-SQL Text],
  9. s_eqp.[query_plan] AS [LAST Plan]
  10. FROM sys.dm_tran_database_transactions s_tdt
  11. JOIN sys.dm_tran_session_transactions s_tst
  12. ON s_tst.[transaction_id] = s_tdt.[transaction_id]
  13. JOIN sys.[dm_exec_sessions] s_es
  14. ON s_es.[session_id] = s_tst.[session_id]
  15. JOIN sys.dm_exec_connections s_ec
  16. ON s_ec.[session_id] = s_tst.[session_id]
  17. LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.dm_exec_requests s_er
  18. ON s_er.[session_id] = s_tst.[session_id]
  19. CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text (s_ec.[most_recent_sql_handle]) AS s_est
  20. OUTER APPLY sys.dm_exec_query_plan (s_er.[plan_handle]) AS s_eqp
  22. GO

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