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Retrieve the physical location of a dynamic dataset, file or folder in SAS

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The PATHNAME function can be used to retrieve the physical location of a file or directory. This can be especially useful when reassigning engines for a libref using the Macro Language.

Here we want to write a Version 6 copy of the data set CLASS to the same location as the MYDATA library, however in order to issue a new LIBNAME statement we need to know the location of the MYDATA library. The PATHNAME function returns this location and the new libref (MYDAT6) can be created.

  1. data mydata.class;
  2. set sashelp.class;
  3. run;
  5. libname mydat6 v6 "%sysfunc(pathname(mydata))";
  7. data mydat6.class6;
  8. set mydata.class;
  9. run;

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