Color-Coded `svn status` (v3)

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First there was: [](

Then there was: [](

A few days ago, I found a handy script online that colorized the output of SVN status. It worked pretty well, but needed a little polish and a couple of tweaks to make it use more common Python idioms. As I continued to use it and fix bugs and inefficiencies, I ended up replacing nearly every line in the original, but it was still a great starting point.

Additional changes include ANSI word-wrapping, a configurable tab expansion feature (for better code alignment), the 'colorizedSubcommands' sequence so that only applicable commands get colorized, use of proper `subprocess` module calls so that piping through `less` will work (for example, try `svn-color diff | less -r` to see colorized diff output).

To use, stick it somewhere, make executable (`chmod 755`), and then add this to your .profile:

alias svn=/usr/local/bin/

I hope you find my modifications useful. You can modify the colors used by looking up the ANSI color codes for your preferred color scheme and editing the 'statusColors' dictionary. Here's a useful reference for ANSI color values:


Requires Python 2.4 or greater.

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