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using find to list old files based on date

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  1. find /var/log -mtime -14 -type f -exec ls -al {} \;

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Posted By: jhenry on June 12, 2007

or, to remove all jpg's in the current directory older that two weeks:

$ find . -mtime +14 -type f -name "*.jpg" -exec rm -f {} \;


Posted By: gsljglkjds on April 8, 2013

First, you need to quote the {} as '{}' in order to prevent your shell from interpreting it. Second, you can just use the -delete flag instead of your rm -f '{}' \; after all.

Posted By: gsljglkjds on April 8, 2013

find /var/log -mtime -14 -type f -delete

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