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Great for animating in Actionscript. You should check out the complete kit at the Fuse Web Site.

Can't Wait till this is ported to AS3

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  1. import com.mosesSupposes.fuse.*;
  2. ZigoEngine.register(Fuse,PennerEasing);
  5. function bounceSpeakers(){
  6. var f:Fuse = new Fuse();
  7. f.push([{target:right_speaker, _y:94, seconds:0.25, ease:"easeOutBounce"},
  8. {target:left_speaker, _y:94, seconds:0.25, ease:"easeOutBounce"}]);
  9. f.push([{target:right_speaker, _y:96, seconds:0.25, ease:"easeOutBounce"},
  10. {target:left_speaker, _y:96, seconds:0.2, ease:"easeOutBounce"}]);
  11. f.push({func:bounceSpeakers});
  12. f.start();
  13. }
  15. bounceSpeakers();

URL: http://www.mosessupposes.com/Fuse/

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