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Time Zones By Country Using Rails TZInfo

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  1. countries = Country.find(:all)
  2. for country in countries
  3. begin
  4. tzc = TZInfo::Country.get(country.code.upcase)
  5. rescue
  6. puts "can't find TZInfo for #{country.code.upcase}"
  7. next
  8. end
  9. puts
  10. for zone in tzc.zone_names
  11. puts country.code.upcase
  12. puts zone
  13. CountryTimeZone.create(:parent_id =>, :name => zone)
  14. end
  15. end

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Posted By: fortuity on May 31, 2007

The class TZInfo::Country requires the tzinfo gem and TZInfo plugin ( Country and CountryTimeZone classes are my own (subclassed from my Geography class). This snippet gets the two-letter country code for each country and uses it to find all the time zones for the country and then creates a new CountryTimeZone instance for each, specifying the country as a parent_id so we can do a tree list of countries and their "children" time zones. This snippet is run from the console and populates a data table.

Posted By: Jacky888 on July 18, 2018

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