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Parsing information from an XML source (elements, nodes, attributes) using XPath

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The code is run in LINQPad, which is where the Dump extension method comes from. You can pretend that it just outputs ToString. The input file for this snippet looks like so:


The output of the snippet is

FpgaFilePath => testfpga
FirmwareFilePath => test

So the snippet pulls out an attribute from the 'setting' element and the content (text between tags) of the 'value' sub-element.

  1. var path = @"C:\Users\patk\Desktop\file.xml";
  2. var doc = XDocument.Load(path);
  3. //doc.DescendantNodes().Dump();
  4. //doc.XPathSelectElements("//setting").Dump();
  5. //doc.XPathSelectElements("//setting").Attributes().Dump();
  6. //doc.XPathSelectElements("//setting").Descendants().Dump();
  7. var settings = doc.XPathSelectElements("//setting");
  8. foreach (var setting in settings){
  9. var name = setting.Attribute("name").Value;
  10. // setting.DescendantNodes().Dump();
  11. var value = setting.XPathSelectElements("value").Single().FirstNode;
  12. (name + " => " + value).Dump();
  13. }

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Posted By: pckujawa on December 9, 2009

XPathSelectElements is in System.Xml.XPath

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