Collection of .NET FAQs (catch all exceptions, UML, file associations, shutdown/restart, etc)

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65. Framework Tips General
WinForms FAQ Home
65.1 Is it possible to turn off strong name validation for an assembly?
65.2 How can I catch an exception on a program wide basis?
65.3 Can I generate UML diagrams from C# code?
65.4 Does .Net support "deprecation" as in Java?
65.5 Can .NET applications run on non Microsoft Platforms?
65.6 Can I play audio and video files using .NET?
65.7 Can I create file associations with .NET?
65.8 Is there any way to Shutdown/Restart Windows using .NET?
65.9 How can I Invoke a private interface implementations of an instance using reflection?
65.10 How can I adjust the version number for multiple projects without changing every AssemblyInfo.cs file constantly?
65.11 How do I launch IE or any other process from code?
65.12 How do I pre-JIT an assembly to native code during installation?
65.13 How do I get the install directory for the version of the runtime that is loaded in the current process?
65.14 How to retrieve the assembly version, name, etc. contained in the "AssemblyInfo.cs", from inside the running app?
65.15 Is there a way to access private and protected members of a class instance?
65.16 In VB.NET how do I access the runtime type object of a specified type from it's type name?
65.17 How do I print a document using .NET?

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