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The above example uses PHP's heredoc syntax. With it, we can completely eliminate PHP tags from the insides of HTML tags.

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  1. <?php
  2. foreach ($contacts as $contact_object) {
  3. $contact_array = (array) $contact_object;
  4. foreach ($contact_array as $key=>$value) $$key = h($value);
  5. echo <<<END_ROW
  6.   <tr>
  7.   <td>$id</td>
  8.   <td>$first_name</td>
  9.   <td>$last_name</td>
  10.   <td>$phone</td>
  11.   <td>
  12.   <a href="?action=edit&amp;id=$id">edit</a>
  13.   <a href="?action=delete&amp;id=$id">delete</a>
  14.   </td>
  15.   </tr>
  16. END_ROW;
  17. }


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