Detailed NSLog() via a Preprocessor Macro

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Ever needed to see more context surrounding your NSLog statement to help you debug in the console?

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  1. #define DetailedLog(str, args...) NSLog\
  2. (@"\n-------------\nBetter Log\n%s:%d\n%@\n[%s]\n\n[%@]\n-------------\n",\
  3. strrchr(__FILE__, '/'), __LINE__, self, sel_getName(_cmd),\
  4. [NSString stringWithFormat:str , ## args ] )
  6. // this function was improved to work in functions as well as methods:
  7. #define DetailedLog(str, args...)\
  8. NSLog(@"\n-------------\nBetter Log\n%s:%d\n%s\n\n[%@]\n-------------\n",\
  9. strrchr(__FILE__, '/'), __LINE__, __PRETTY_FUNCTION__,\
  10. [NSString stringWithFormat:str , ## args ] )


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