Retrieving image properties from an image memo file item and printing it from an image control

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Received this code snippet from Stefan Bentvelsen in a WinDev forum posting

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  1. you can extract the original file name as follows:
  3. sHlp=HInfoMemo(MyFile,element)
  4. lsFilename=ExtractString(sHlp,2)
  6. But I use the following code to print an image direct from a binary memo:
  8. sHlp is string
  10. sHlp=HInfoMemo(MyFile,element) // where element is the memofield
  11. IF ExtractString(sHlp,1)="IMG" THEN
  12. ...iPrintImage(MyFile.element,0,iYPos(),iPageWidth(),iPageHeight(),0)
  13. END

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