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Flex: Adding Compiler Settings using an XML Config File

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For those of us still using Flex Builder 3, every time we create a new project, we usually need to right-click the Project and add a parameter called -default-background-color=0xffffff into the compiler settings. An easier solution is to create an XML file with a name the same as your MXML file. So for example, if your Flex project is titled barnacles.mxml, then place this config file in the same directory and name it barnacles-config.mxml.

  1. <flex-config>
  2. <default-size>
  3. <width>1000</width>
  4. <height>600</height>
  5. </default-size>
  6. <default-frame-rate>12</default-frame-rate>
  7. <default-background-color>0xcccccc</default-background-color>
  8. <target-player>9.0.28</target-player>
  9. </flex-config>

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