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reconnect reset router

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Reconnect Alice IAD 5130

 / Published in: Bash

It seemed to me there are no solutions in restarting the IAD 5130 from the German DSL Provider Alice via Console.

The following Command / Bash Script Issues a reboot of the router

  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. curl -d "getpage=..%2Fhtml%2Ftools%2Freboot.html&errorpage=..%2Fhtml%2Falice%2Fframework.html&var%3Alang=alice&var%3Apagename=system_reset&var%3Aerrorpagename=system_reset&var%3Amenu=&var%3Apagemaster=&time%3Asettings%2Ftime=&logic%3Acommand%2Freboot=..%2Fgateway%2Fcommands%2Fsaveconfig.html"

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