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Music Player

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Works with firefox. Paste into custom header. Change the "URL 1", "URL 2", etc. to your own URLs. If you add more songs, or less you should change the 3 in "new Array(3);" to reflect the amount of songs

  1. <!-- start code provided by -->
  2. <script language="JavaScript"><!--
  3. //script made by hoogli modified by Paul D
  4. tips = new Array(3);
  5. tips[0]="URL 1";
  6. tips[1]="URL 2";
  7. tips[2]="URL 3";
  8. index=Math.floor(Math.random() * tips.length);
  9. document.write("<embed src="+tips[index]+" showcontrols=0 height=0 width=0></embed>")
  10. //--></script>
  11. <!-- end code provided by -->

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