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metodo fácil para crear sistemas de comentarios

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Una manera muy rapida de poner un sistema de comentarios en tu blog. Personalizable en cuanto a diseño (CSS). Podria tener inconvenientes como que no dispones del código fuente del script, por tanto no lo puedes modificar. El comentario mas nuevo se va colocando debajo del anterior.Otra fuente:

  1. <body>
  2. <div id="js-kit-comments" label="Dejar un comentario"></div> /*linea clave*/
  3. <script src=""></script>
  4. </body>

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Posted By: Hirmine on December 11, 2006

A very rapid way of putting a system of commentaries in your blog. Personalizable as for design (CSS). Podria have disadvantages like that you have not the code source of the script, therefore you cannot modify it. The commentary mas new is placed under the previous one. Another source:

Posted By: Jacky888 on October 14, 2018

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