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Hey guys,

Sharing my diggernaut's scripts for web scraping, hope it will be useful for you.

This is script for scraping user's accounts without logging in to instagram, so no risk. What you can get with it: all information about user (his full name, username, id, avatar, number of follows and followers, number of posts), information about his posts (url, image, number of likes, information about persons who liked, comments, caption). So you probably will be interested in getting not all posts but just lets say 10 (or 30) of most recent. You can adjust it with settings. You can also set mode for script, to simple or extended. In simple mode it will not retrieve list of persons who likes post and comments. It works faster and eats less bandwidth in this case.

If you look into script (lines 5-9):

- type: fieldset
- user: somusername

you can see settings you may adjust, instead of "someusername" you need to set username of instagram account you want to scrape. You can set multiple users to scrape, you can need in this case add additional settings chunks, like below:

- type: fieldset
- user: somusername1
- user: somusername2


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