guess - Create bitmaps for nodes using html with IECapt

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  1. In Guess, set node style to 7 and supply image path.
  5. C:\> IECapt --help
  6. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Usage: IECapt --url= --out=localfile.png
  8. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. --help Print this help page and exit
  10. --url=<url> The URL to capture (http:...|file:...|...)
  11. --out=<path> The target file (.png|bmp|jpeg|emf|...)
  12. --min-width=<int> Minimal width for the image (default: 800)
  13. --max-wait=<ms> Don't wait more than (default: 90000, inf: 0)
  14. --delay=<ms> Wait after loading (e.g. for Flash; default: 0)
  15. --silent Whether to surpress some dialogs


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