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this is a handy snippet to trace the info about any cuepoints actionscript encounters, embedded in a FLV [flash video]. these traces will display the name, type and time of the cuepoint - in a nicely formatted list

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  1. /* ||||||||||||||||| CUEPOINT TRACES ||||||||||||||||||||
  2. these trace actions are handy for returning the info that flash has about any cuepoints it encounters, embedded in an FLV [flash video] file. put these traces inside a cuepoint listener function to test whether flash is picking up the cuepoints in the first place, before you add any more complicated code. these traces will display:
  4. - the 'event' the listener has detected [ie. a cuepoint]
  5. - the name of the cuepoint
  6. - the type of the cuepoint [ie. 'event' or 'navigation']
  7. - the time the cuepoint sits at in the video
  9. [note: this code assumes your FLV video file has an instance name of 'vid'. if you change the instance name change the "this.vid.playheadTime" part of the code accordingly]
  10. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| */
  14. // begin traces
  15. trace("listener detected: \t"+eventObject.type);
  16. trace("cuepoint is called: \t";
  17. trace("cuepoint is of type: \t";
  18. trace("vid playhead time: \t"+vid.playheadTime);
  19. trace("------\n");
  20. // end traces

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