US colleges by state

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  1. <select name="colleges-alabama">
  2. <option value="Air University">Air University</option>
  3. <option value="Alabama A&amp;M University">Alabama A&amp;M University</option>
  4. <option value="Alabama State University">Alabama State University</option>
  5. <option value="Athens State University">Athens State University</option>
  6. <option value="Auburn University">Auburn University</option>
  7. <option value="Auburn University at Montgomery">Auburn University at Montgomery</option>
  8. <option value="Birmingham-Southern College">Birmingham-Southern College</option>
  9. <option value="Concordia College-Selma">Concordia College-Selma</option>
  10. <option value="Faulkner University">Faulkner University</option>
  11. <option value="Huntingdon College">Huntingdon College</option>
  12. <option value="Jacksonville State University">Jacksonville State University</option>
  13. <option value="Judson College">Judson College</option>
  14. <option value="Miles College">Miles College</option>
  15. <option value="Oakwood College">Oakwood College</option>
  16. <option value="Samford University">Samford University</option>
  17. <option value="Southeastern Bible College">Southeastern Bible College</option>
  18. <option value="Southern Christian University">Southern Christian University</option>
  19. <option value="Spring Hill College">Spring Hill College</option>
  20. <option value="Stillman College">Stillman College</option>
  21. <option value="Talladega College">Talladega College</option>
  22. <option value="Troy University main campus">Troy University main campus</option>
  23. <option value="Troy Unicersity Dothan campus">Troy Unicersity at Dothan</option>
  24. <option value="Montgomery campus">Montgomery campus</option>
  25. <option value="Tuskegee University">Tuskegee University</option>
  26. <option value="United States Sports Academy">United States Sports Academy</option>
  27. <option value="University of Alabama Tuscaloosa">University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa</option>
  28. <option value="University of Alabama Birmingham">University of Alabama at Birmingham</option>
  29. <option value="University of Alabama Huntsville">University of Alabama at Huntsville</option>
  30. <option value="University of Mobile">University of Mobile</option>
  31. <option value="University of Montevallo">University of Montevallo</option>
  32. <option value="University of North Alabama">University of North Alabama</option>
  33. <option value="University of South Alabama">University of South Alabama</option>
  34. <option value="University of West Alabama">University of West Alabama</option>
  36. <select name="colleges-alaska">
  37. <option value="Alaska Bible College">Alaska Bible College</option>
  38. <option value="Alaska Pacific University">Alaska Pacific University</option>
  39. <option value="Sheldon Jackson College">Sheldon Jackson College</option>
  40. <option value="University of Alaska at Anchorage">University of Alaska at Anchorage</option>
  41. <option value="University of Alaska at Fairbanks">University of Alaska at Fairbanks</option>
  42. <option value="University of Alaska at Juneau">University of Alaska at Juneau</option>
  44. <select name="colleges-arizona">
  45. <option value="Arizona">Arizona</option>
  46. <option value="American Indian College of the Assemblies of God">American Indian College of the Assemblies of God</option>
  47. <option value="Arizona State University">Arizona State University</option>
  48. <option value="Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus">Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus</option>
  49. <option value="Arizona State University West">Arizona State University West</option>
  50. <option value="DeVry University-Phoenix">DeVry University-Phoenix</option>
  51. <option value="Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University">Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University</option>
  52. <option value="Grand Canyon University">Grand Canyon University</option>
  53. <option value="Northcentral University">Northcentral University</option>
  54. <option value="Northern Arizona University">Northern Arizona University</option>
  55. <option value="Prescott College">Prescott College</option>
  56. <option value="Southwestern College">Southwestern College</option>
  57. <option value="Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management">Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management</option>
  58. <option value="University of Arizona">University of Arizona</option>
  59. <option value="University of Phoenix">University of Phoenix</option>
  60. <option value="Western International University">Western International University</option>
  62. <select name="colleges-arkansas">
  63. <option value="Arkansas">Arkansas</option>
  64. <option value="Arkansas Baptist College">Arkansas Baptist College</option>
  65. <option value="Arkansas State University, Jonesboro">Arkansas State University, Jonesboro</option>
  66. <option value="Arkansas Tech University">Arkansas Tech University</option>
  67. <option value="Central Baptist College">Central Baptist College</option>
  68. <option value="Harding University">Harding University</option>
  69. <option value="Henderson State University">Henderson State University</option>
  70. <option value="Hendrix College">Hendrix College</option>
  71. <option value="John Brown University">John Brown University</option>
  72. <option value="Lyon College">Lyon College</option>
  73. <option value="Ouachita Baptist University">Ouachita Baptist University</option>
  74. <option value="Philander Smith College">Philander Smith College</option>
  75. <option value="Southern Arkansas University">Southern Arkansas University</option>
  76. <option value="University of Arkansas at Fayetteville">University of Arkansas at Fayetteville</option>
  77. <option value="University of Arkansas at Fort Smith">University of Arkansas at Fort Smith</option>
  78. <option value="University of Arkansas at Little Rock">University of Arkansas at Little Rock</option>
  79. <option value="University of Arkansas Medical Sciences">University of Arkansas Medical Sciences</option>
  80. <option value="University of Arkansas at Monticello">University of Arkansas at Monticello</option>
  81. <option value="University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff">University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff</option>
  82. <option value="University of Central Arkansas">University of Central Arkansas</option>
  83. <option value="University of the Ozarks">University of the Ozarks</option>
  84. <option value="Williams Baptist College">Williams Baptist College</option>
  86. <select name="colleges-california">
  87. <option value="Alliant International University">Alliant International University</option>
  88. <option value="Antioch University-Los Angeles">Antioch University-Los Angeles</option>
  89. <option value="Art Center College of Design">Art Center College of Design</option>
  90. <option value="Azusa Pacific University">Azusa Pacific University</option>
  91. <option value="Bethany College">Bethany College</option>
  92. <option value="Bethesda Christian University">Bethesda Christian University</option>
  93. <option value="Biola University">Biola University</option>
  94. <option value="California Baptist University">California Baptist University</option>
  95. <option value="California College of the Arts">California College of the Arts</option>
  96. <option value="California Institute of the Arts">California Institute of the Arts</option>
  97. <option value="California Institute of Integral Studies">California Institute of Integral Studies</option>
  98. <option value="California Institute of Technology">California Institute of Technology</option>
  99. <option value="California Lutheran University">California Lutheran University</option>
  100. <option value="California Pacific University">California Pacific University</option>
  101. <option value="California State University at Bakersfield">California State University at Bakersfield</option>
  102. <option value="California State University Maritime Academy">California State University Maritime Academy</option>
  103. <option value="California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo">California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo</option>
  104. <option value="California State Polytechnic University, Pomona">California State Polytechnic University, Pomona</option>
  105. <option value="California State University at Channel Islands">California State University at Channel Islands</option>
  106. <option value="California State University at Chico">California State University at Chico</option>
  107. <option value="California State University at Dominguez Hills">California State University at Dominguez Hills</option>
  108. <option value="California State University at East Bay">California State University at East Bay</option>
  109. <option value="California State University at Fresno">California State University at Fresno</option>
  110. <option value="California State University at Fullerton">California State University at Fullerton</option>
  111. <option value="California State University at Long Beach">California State University at Long Beach</option>
  112. <option value="California State University at Los Angeles">California State University at Los Angeles</option>
  113. <option value="California State University at Monterey Bay">California State University at Monterey Bay</option>
  114. <option value="California State University at Northridge">California State University at Northridge</option>
  115. <option value="California State University at Sacramento">California State University at Sacramento</option>
  116. <option value="California State University at San Bernardino">California State University at San Bernardino</option>
  117. <option value="California State University at San Marcos">California State University at San Marcos</option>
  118. <option value="California State University at Stanislaus">California State University at Stanislaus</option>
  119. <option value="Humboldt State University">Humboldt State University</option>
  120. <option value="San Diego State University">San Diego State University</option>
  121. <option value="San Francisco State University">San Francisco State University</option>
  122. <option value="San José State University">San José State University</option>
  123. <option value="Sonoma State University">Sonoma State University</option>
  124. <option value="Chapman University">Chapman University</option>
  125. <option value="Charles R. Drew University of Medicine &amp; Science">Charles R. Drew University of Medicine &amp; Science</option>
  126. <option value="Church Divinity School of the Pacific">Church Divinity School of the Pacific</option>
  127. <option value="Claremont Graduate University">Claremont Graduate University</option>
  128. <option value="Claremont McKenna College">Claremont McKenna College</option>
  129. <option value="Harvey Mudd College">Harvey Mudd College</option>
  130. <option value="Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences">Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences</option>
  131. <option value="Pitzer College">Pitzer College</option>
  132. <option value="Pomona College">Pomona College</option>
  133. <option value="Scripps College">Scripps College</option>
  134. <option value="Cogswell Polytechnical College">Cogswell Polytechnical College</option>
  135. <option value="Concordia University-Irvine">Concordia University-Irvine</option>
  136. <option value="Defense Language Institute">Defense Language Institute</option>
  137. <option value="DeVry University-Long Beach">DeVry University-Long Beach</option>
  138. <option value="DeVry University-Pomona">DeVry University-Pomona</option>
  139. <option value="Dominican School of Philosophy &amp; Theology">Dominican School of Philosophy &amp; Theology</option>
  140. <option value="Dominican University of California">Dominican University of California</option>
  141. <option value="Fielding Graduate Institute">Fielding Graduate Institute</option>
  142. <option value="Franciscan School of Theology">Franciscan School of Theology</option>
  143. <option value="Fresno Pacific University">Fresno Pacific University</option>
  144. <option value="Fuller Theological Seminary">Fuller Theological Seminary</option>
  145. <option value="Golden Gate University">Golden Gate University</option>
  146. <option value="Graduate Theological Union">Graduate Theological Union</option>
  147. <option value="Holy Names University">Holy Names University</option>
  148. <option value="Hope International University">Hope International University</option>
  149. <option value="Humphreys College">Humphreys College</option>
  150. <option value="Institute of Transpersonal Psychology">Institute of Transpersonal Psychology</option>
  151. <option value="Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley">Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley</option>
  152. <option value="John F. Kennedy University">John F. Kennedy University</option>
  153. <option value="La Sierra University">La Sierra University</option>
  154. <option value="Life Pacific College">Life Pacific College</option>
  155. <option value="Lincoln University">Lincoln University</option>
  156. <option value="Loma Linda University">Loma Linda University</option>
  157. <option value="Loyola Marymount University">Loyola Marymount University</option>
  158. <option value="Marymount College">Marymount College</option>
  159. <option value="The Master's College">The Master's College</option>
  160. <option value="The Master's Seminary">The Master's Seminary</option>
  161. <option value="Menlo College">Menlo College</option>
  162. <option value="Mills College">Mills College</option>
  163. <option value="Monterey Institute of International Studies">Monterey Institute of International Studies</option>
  164. <option value="Mount St. Mary's College">Mount St. Mary's College</option>
  165. <option value="National Hispanic University">National Hispanic University</option>
  166. <option value="National University">National University</option>
  167. <option value="Naval Postgraduate School">Naval Postgraduate School</option>
  168. <option value="New College of California">New College of California</option>
  169. <option value="Notre Dame de Namur University">Notre Dame de Namur University</option>
  170. <option value="Occidental College">Occidental College</option>
  171. <option value="Otis College of Art &amp; Design">Otis College of Art &amp; Design</option>
  172. <option value="Pacific Oaks College">Pacific Oaks College</option>
  173. <option value="Pacific Union College">Pacific Union College</option>
  174. <option value="Pacifica Graduate Institute">Pacifica Graduate Institute</option>
  175. <option value="Pardee RAND Graduate School">Pardee RAND Graduate School</option>
  176. <option value="Patten College">Patten College</option>
  177. <option value="Pepperdine University">Pepperdine University</option>
  178. <option value="Platt College">Platt College</option>
  179. <option value="Point Loma Nazarene University">Point Loma Nazarene University</option>
  180. <option value="Saint Mary's College of California">Saint Mary's College of California</option>
  181. <option value="Samuel Merritt College">Samuel Merritt College</option>
  182. <option value="San Diego Christian College">San Diego Christian College</option>
  183. <option value="Santa Clara University">Santa Clara University</option>
  184. <option value="Saybrook Graduate School &amp; Research Center">Saybrook Graduate School &amp; Research Center</option>
  185. <option value="Simpson University">Simpson University</option>
  186. <option value="Soka University of America">Soka University of America</option>
  187. <option value="Southern California Institute of Architecture">Southern California Institute of Architecture</option>
  188. <option value="Southwestern University School of Law">Southwestern University School of Law</option>
  189. <option value="Stanford University">Stanford University</option>
  190. <option value="Thomas Aquinas College">Thomas Aquinas College</option>
  191. <option value="University of California at Berkeley">University of California at Berkeley</option>
  192. <option value="University of California at Davis">University of California at Davis</option>
  193. <option value="University of California Hastings College">University of California Hastings College</option>
  194. <option value="University of California at Irvine">University of California at Irvine</option>
  195. <option value="University of California at Los Angeles">University of California at Los Angeles</option>
  196. <option value="University of California at Merced">University of California at Merced</option>
  197. <option value="University of California at Riverside">University of California at Riverside</option>
  198. <option value="University of California at San Diego">University of California at San Diego</option>
  199. <option value="University of California at San Francisco">University of California at San Francisco</option>
  200. <option value="University of California at Santa Barbara">University of California at Santa Barbara</option>
  201. <option value="University of California at Santa Cruz">University of California at Santa Cruz</option>
  202. <option value="University of Judaism">University of Judaism</option>
  203. <option value="University of La Verne">University of La Verne</option>
  204. <option value="University of Northern California">University of Northern California</option>
  205. <option value="University of the Pacific">University of the Pacific</option>
  206. <option value="University of Redlands">University of Redlands</option>
  207. <option value="University of San Diego">University of San Diego</option>
  208. <option value="University of San Francisco">University of San Francisco</option>
  209. <option value="University of Southern California">University of Southern California</option>
  210. <option value="Vanguard University of Southern California">Vanguard University of Southern California</option>
  211. <option value="Western State University College of Law">Western State University College of Law</option>
  212. <option value="Western University of Health Sciences">Western University of Health Sciences</option>
  213. <option value="Westminster Seminary California">Westminster Seminary California</option>
  214. <option value="Westmont College">Westmont College</option>
  215. <option value="Whittier College">Whittier College</option>
  216. <option value="William Howard Taft University">William Howard Taft University</option>
  217. <option value="William Jessup University">William Jessup University</option>
  218. <option value="Woodbury University">Woodbury University</option>
  220. <select name="colleges-colorado">
  221. <option value="Adams State College">Adams State College</option>
  222. <option value="Colorado Christian University">Colorado Christian University</option>
  223. <option value="Colorado College">Colorado College</option>
  224. <option value="Colorado School of Mines">Colorado School of Mines</option>
  225. <option value="Colorado State University">Colorado State University</option>
  226. <option value="Colorado State University-Pueblo">Colorado State University-Pueblo</option>
  227. <option value="Colorado Technical University">Colorado Technical University</option>
  228. <option value="Fort Lewis College">Fort Lewis College</option>
  229. <option value="Jones International University">Jones International University</option>
  230. <option value="Mesa State College">Mesa State College</option>
  231. <option value="Metropolitan State College of Denver">Metropolitan State College of Denver</option>
  232. <option value="Naropa Institute">Naropa Institute</option>
  233. <option value="National Technological University">National Technological University</option>
  234. <option value="Nazarene Bible College">Nazarene Bible College</option>
  235. <option value="Regis University">Regis University</option>
  236. <option value="Rocky Mountain College of Art &amp; Design">Rocky Mountain College of Art &amp; Design</option>
  237. <option value="United States Air Force Academy">United States Air Force Academy</option>
  238. <option value="University of Colorado at Boulder">University of Colorado at Boulder</option>
  239. <option value="University of Colorado at Colorado Springs">University of Colorado at Colorado Springs</option>
  240. <option value="University of Colorado at Denver">University of Colorado at Denver</option>
  241. <option value="University of Colorado Health Sciences Center">University of Colorado Health Sciences Center</option>
  242. <option value="University of Denver">University of Denver</option>
  243. <option value="University of Northern Colorado">University of Northern Colorado</option>
  244. <option value="Western State College">Western State College</option>
  246. <select name="colleges-connecticut">
  247. <option value="Albertus Magnus College">Albertus Magnus College</option>
  248. <option value="Central Connecticut State University">Central Connecticut State University</option>
  249. <option value="Charter Oak State College">Charter Oak State College</option>
  250. <option value="Connecticut College">Connecticut College</option>
  251. <option value="Eastern Connecticut State University">Eastern Connecticut State University</option>
  252. <option value="Fairfield University">Fairfield University</option>
  253. <option value="Holy Apostles College &amp; Seminary">Holy Apostles College &amp; Seminary</option>
  254. <option value="Mitchell College">Mitchell College</option>
  255. <option value="Post University">Post University</option>
  256. <option value="Quinnipiac College">Quinnipiac College</option>
  257. <option value="Rensselaer at Hartford">Rensselaer at Hartford</option>
  258. <option value="Sacred Heart University">Sacred Heart University</option>
  259. <option value="St. Joseph College">St. Joseph College</option>
  260. <option value="Southern Connecticut State University">Southern Connecticut State University</option>
  261. <option value="Trinity College">Trinity College</option>
  262. <option value="United States Coast Guard Academy">United States Coast Guard Academy</option>
  263. <option value="University of Bridgeport">University of Bridgeport</option>
  264. <option value="University of Connecticut">University of Connecticut</option>
  265. <option value="University of Hartford">University of Hartford</option>
  266. <option value="University of New Haven">University of New Haven</option>
  267. <option value="Wesleyan University">Wesleyan University</option>
  268. <option value="Western Connecticut State University">Western Connecticut State University</option>
  269. <option value="Yale University">Yale University</option>
  271. <select name="colleges-delaware">
  272. <option value="Delaware State University">Delaware State University</option>
  273. <option value="Goldey-Beacom College">Goldey-Beacom College</option>
  274. <option value="University of Delaware">University of Delaware</option>
  275. <option value="Wesley College">Wesley College</option>
  276. <option value="Wilmington College">Wilmington College</option>
  278. <select name="colleges-dc">
  279. <option value="American University">American University</option>
  280. <option value="The Catholic University of America">The Catholic University of America</option>
  281. <option value="Corcoran College of Art &amp; Design">Corcoran College of Art &amp; Design</option>
  282. <option value="Gallaudet University">Gallaudet University</option>
  283. <option value="George Washington University at Mount Vernon">George Washington University at Mount Vernon</option>
  284. <option value="George Washington University Virginia Campus">George Washington University Virginia Campus</option>
  285. <option value="Georgetown University">Georgetown University</option>
  286. <option value="Howard University">Howard University</option>
  287. <option value="Institute of World Politics">Institute of World Politics</option>
  288. <option value="Joint Military Intelligence College">Joint Military Intelligence College</option>
  289. <option value="National Defense University">National Defense University</option>
  290. <option value="Southeastern University">Southeastern University</option>
  291. <option value="Strayer University">Strayer University</option>
  292. <option value="Trinity University">Trinity University</option>
  293. <option value="University of the District of Columbia">University of the District of Columbia</option>
  294. <option value="Washington Theological Union">Washington Theological Union</option>
  295. <option value="Wesley Theological Seminary">Wesley Theological Seminary</option>
  297. <select name="colleges-florida">
  298. <option value="The Baptist College of Florida">The Baptist College of Florida</option>
  299. <option value="Barry University">Barry University</option>
  300. <option value="Beacon College">Beacon College</option>
  301. <option value="Bethune-Cookman College">Bethune-Cookman College</option>
  302. <option value="Carlos Albizu University-Miami">Carlos Albizu University-Miami</option>
  303. <option value="Chipola College">Chipola College</option>
  304. <option value="Clearwater Christian College">Clearwater Christian College</option>
  305. <option value="DeVry University-Orlando">DeVry University-Orlando</option>
  306. <option value="Eckerd College">Eckerd College</option>
  307. <option value="Edward Waters College">Edward Waters College</option>
  308. <option value="Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University">Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University</option>
  309. <option value="Flagler College">Flagler College</option>
  310. <option value="Florida Agricultural &amp; Mechanical University">Florida Agricultural &amp; Mechanical University</option>
  311. <option value="Florida Atlantic University">Florida Atlantic University</option>
  312. <option value="Florida Christian College">Florida Christian College</option>
  313. <option value="Florida College">Florida College</option>
  314. <option value="Florida Gulf Coast University">Florida Gulf Coast University</option>
  315. <option value="Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences">Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences</option>
  316. <option value="Florida Institute of Technology">Florida Institute of Technology</option>
  317. <option value="Florida International University">Florida International University</option>
  318. <option value="Florida Memorial University">Florida Memorial University</option>
  319. <option value="Florida Metropolitan University">Florida Metropolitan University</option>
  320. <option value="Florida Southern College">Florida Southern College</option>
  321. <option value="Florida State University">Florida State University</option>
  322. <option value="Florida State University at Panama City">Florida State University at Panama City</option>
  323. <option value="Hobe Sound Bible College">Hobe Sound Bible College</option>
  324. <option value="International College">International College</option>
  325. <option value="Jacksonville University">Jacksonville University</option>
  326. <option value="Jones College">Jones College</option>
  327. <option value="Keiser College">Keiser College</option>
  328. <option value="Lynn University">Lynn University</option>
  329. <option value="Miami International University of Art &amp; Design">Miami International University of Art &amp; Design</option>
  330. <option value="New College of Florida">New College of Florida</option>
  331. <option value="Northwood University">Northwood University</option>
  332. <option value="Nova Southeastern University">Nova Southeastern University</option>
  333. <option value="Palm Beach Atlantic University">Palm Beach Atlantic University</option>
  334. <option value="Ringling School of Art &amp; Design">Ringling School of Art &amp; Design</option>
  335. <option value="Rollins College">Rollins College</option>
  336. <option value="Saint John Vianney College Seminary">Saint John Vianney College Seminary</option>
  337. <option value="Saint Leo College">Saint Leo College</option>
  338. <option value="St. Petersburg College">St. Petersburg College</option>
  339. <option value="St. Thomas University">St. Thomas University</option>
  340. <option value="South Florida Bible College &amp; Theological Seminary">South Florida Bible College &amp; Theological Seminary</option>
  341. <option value="Southeastern University">Southeastern University</option>
  342. <option value="Stetson University">Stetson University</option>
  343. <option value="Trinity College of Florida">Trinity College of Florida</option>
  344. <option value="Troy State University-Florida Region">Troy State University-Florida Region</option>
  345. <option value="University of Central Florida">University of Central Florida</option>
  346. <option value="University of Florida">University of Florida</option>
  347. <option value="University of Miami">University of Miami</option>
  348. <option value="University of North Florida">University of North Florida</option>
  349. <option value="University of South Florida">University of South Florida</option>
  350. <option value="University of Tampa">University of Tampa</option>
  351. <option value="University of West Florida">University of West Florida</option>
  352. <option value="Warner Southern College">Warner Southern College</option>
  353. <option value="Webber International University">Webber International University</option>
  355. <select name="colleges-georgia">
  356. <option value="Agnes Scott College">Agnes Scott College</option>
  357. <option value="Albany State University">Albany State University</option>
  358. <option value="American InterContinental University">American InterContinental University</option>
  359. <option value="Armstrong Atlantic State University">Armstrong Atlantic State University</option>
  360. <option value="Art Institute of Atlanta">Art Institute of Atlanta</option>
  361. <option value="Atlanta Christian College">Atlanta Christian College</option>
  362. <option value="Augusta State University">Augusta State University</option>
  363. <option value="Augusta State University">Augusta State University</option>
  364. <option value="Bauder College">Bauder College</option>
  365. <option value="Berry College">Berry College</option>
  366. <option value="Brenau University">Brenau University</option>
  367. <option value="Brewton-Parker College">Brewton-Parker College</option>
  368. <option value="Clark Atlanta University">Clark Atlanta University</option>
  369. <option value="Clayton College &amp; State University">Clayton College &amp; State University</option>
  370. <option value="Columbus State University">Columbus State University</option>
  371. <option value="Covenant College">Covenant College</option>
  372. <option value="Dalton State College">Dalton State College</option>
  373. <option value="Emmanuel College">Emmanuel College</option>
  374. <option value="Emory University">Emory University</option>
  375. <option value="Fort Valley State University">Fort Valley State University</option>
  376. <option value="Georgia College &amp; State University">Georgia College &amp; State University</option>
  377. <option value="Georgia Institute of Technology">Georgia Institute of Technology</option>
  378. <option value="Georgia Southern University">Georgia Southern University</option>
  379. <option value="Georgia Southwestern State University">Georgia Southwestern State University</option>
  380. <option value="Georgia State University">Georgia State University</option>
  381. <option value="Interdenominational Theological Center">Interdenominational Theological Center</option>
  382. <option value="Kennesaw State University">Kennesaw State University</option>
  383. <option value="LaGrange College">LaGrange College</option>
  384. <option value="Life University">Life University</option>
  385. <option value="Macon State College">Macon State College</option>
  386. <option value="Medical College of Georgia">Medical College of Georgia</option>
  387. <option value="Mercer University">Mercer University</option>
  388. <option value="Morehouse College">Morehouse College</option>
  389. <option value="Morehouse School of Medicine">Morehouse School of Medicine</option>
  390. <option value="North Georgia College &amp; State University">North Georgia College &amp; State University</option>
  391. <option value="Oglethorpe University">Oglethorpe University</option>
  392. <option value="Paine College">Paine College</option>
  393. <option value="Piedmont College">Piedmont College</option>
  394. <option value="Reinhardt College">Reinhardt College</option>
  395. <option value="Savannah College of Art &amp; Design">Savannah College of Art &amp; Design</option>
  396. <option value="Savannah State University">Savannah State University</option>
  397. <option value="Shorter College">Shorter College</option>
  398. <option value="South University">South University</option>
  399. <option value="Southern Polytechnic State University">Southern Polytechnic State University</option>
  400. <option value="Spelman College">Spelman College</option>
  401. <option value="State University of West Georgia">State University of West Georgia</option>
  402. <option value="Thomas University">Thomas University</option>
  403. <option value="Toccoa Falls College">Toccoa Falls College</option>
  404. <option value="Truett-McConnell College">Truett-McConnell College</option>
  405. <option value="University of Devry-Georgia">University of Devry-Georgia</option>
  406. <option value="University of Georgia">University of Georgia</option>
  407. <option value="Valdosta State University">Valdosta State University</option>
  408. <option value="Wesleyan College">Wesleyan College</option>
  410. <select name="colleges-hawaii">
  411. <option value="Brigham Young University-Hawaii">Brigham Young University-Hawaii</option>
  412. <option value="Chaminade University">Chaminade University</option>
  413. <option value="Hawaii Pacific University">Hawaii Pacific University</option>
  414. <option value="University of Hawaii at Hilo">University of Hawaii at Hilo</option>
  415. <option value="University of Hawaii at Manoa">University of Hawaii at Manoa</option>
  416. <option value="University of Hawaii at West Oahu">University of Hawaii at West Oahu</option>
  418. <select name="colleges-idaho">
  419. <option value="Albertson College of Idaho">Albertson College of Idaho</option>
  420. <option value="Boise State University">Boise State University</option>
  421. <option value="Brigham Young University-Idaho">Brigham Young University-Idaho</option>
  422. <option value="Idaho State University">Idaho State University</option>
  423. <option value="Lewis-Clark State College">Lewis-Clark State College</option>
  424. <option value="Northwest Nazarene College">Northwest Nazarene College</option>
  425. <option value="University of Idaho">University of Idaho</option>
  427. <select name="colleges-illinois">
  428. <option value="Adler School of Professional Psychology">Adler School of Professional Psychology</option>
  429. <option value="American College of Education">American College of Education</option>
  430. <option value="Argosy University">Argosy University</option>
  431. <option value="Augustana College">Augustana College</option>
  432. <option value="Aurora University">Aurora University</option>
  433. <option value="Benedictine University">Benedictine University</option>
  434. <option value="Blackburn College">Blackburn College</option>
  435. <option value="Bradley University">Bradley University</option>
  436. <option value="The Chicago School of Professional Psychology">The Chicago School of Professional Psychology</option>
  437. <option value="Chicago State University">Chicago State University</option>
  438. <option value="College of DuPage">College of DuPage</option>
  439. <option value="Columbia College">Columbia College</option>
  440. <option value="Concordia University-River Forest">Concordia University-River Forest</option>
  441. <option value="DePaul University">DePaul University</option>
  442. <option value="DeVry University">DeVry University</option>
  443. <option value="DeVry University-Chicago">DeVry University-Chicago</option>
  444. <option value="DeVry University-DuPage">DeVry University-DuPage</option>
  445. <option value="Dominican University">Dominican University</option>
  446. <option value="East-West University">East-West University</option>
  447. <option value="Eastern Illinois University">Eastern Illinois University</option>
  448. <option value="Elmhurst College">Elmhurst College</option>
  449. <option value="Erikson Institute">Erikson Institute</option>
  450. <option value="Eureka College">Eureka College</option>
  451. <option value="Governors State University">Governors State University</option>
  452. <option value="Greenville College">Greenville College</option>
  453. <option value="Illinois College">Illinois College</option>
  454. <option value="Illinois Institute of Technology">Illinois Institute of Technology</option>
  455. <option value="Illinois State University">Illinois State University</option>
  456. <option value="Illinois Wesleyan University">Illinois Wesleyan University</option>
  457. <option value="Judson College">Judson College</option>
  458. <option value="Kendall College">Kendall College</option>
  459. <option value="Knox College">Knox College</option>
  460. <option value="Lake Forest College">Lake Forest College</option>
  461. <option value="Lake Forest Graduate School of Management">Lake Forest Graduate School of Management</option>
  462. <option value="Lakeview College of Nursing">Lakeview College of Nursing</option>
  463. <option value="Lewis University">Lewis University</option>
  464. <option value="Lincoln Christian College &amp; Seminary">Lincoln Christian College &amp; Seminary</option>
  465. <option value="Loyola University Chicago">Loyola University Chicago</option>
  466. <option value="Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago">Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago</option>
  467. <option value="McKendree College">McKendree College</option>
  468. <option value="McMurray College">McMurray College</option>
  469. <option value="Midwestern University">Midwestern University</option>
  470. <option value="Millikin University">Millikin University</option>
  471. <option value="Monmouth College">Monmouth College</option>
  472. <option value="Moody Bible Institute">Moody Bible Institute</option>
  473. <option value="National University of Health Sciences">National University of Health Sciences</option>
  474. <option value="National-Louis University">National-Louis University</option>
  475. <option value="North Central College">North Central College</option>
  476. <option value="North Park University">North Park University</option>
  477. <option value="Northeastern Illinois University">Northeastern Illinois University</option>
  478. <option value="Northern Illinois University">Northern Illinois University</option>
  479. <option value="Northwestern University">Northwestern University</option>
  480. <option value="Olivet Nazarene University">Olivet Nazarene University</option>
  481. <option value="Principia College">Principia College</option>
  482. <option value="Quincy University">Quincy University</option>
  483. <option value="Robert Morris College">Robert Morris College</option>
  484. <option value="Rockford College">Rockford College</option>
  485. <option value="Roosevelt University">Roosevelt University</option>
  486. <option value="Rush University">Rush University</option>
  487. <option value="Saint Anthony College of Nursing">Saint Anthony College of Nursing</option>
  488. <option value="St. Xavier University">St. Xavier University</option>
  489. <option value="School of the Art Institute of Chicago">School of the Art Institute of Chicago</option>
  490. <option value="Shimer College">Shimer College</option>
  491. <option value="Southern Illinois University at Carbondale">Southern Illinois University at Carbondale</option>
  492. <option value="Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville">Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville</option>
  493. <option value="Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies">Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies</option>
  494. <option value="Trinity Christian College">Trinity Christian College</option>
  495. <option value="Trinity International University">Trinity International University</option>
  496. <option value="University of Chicago">University of Chicago</option>
  497. <option value="University of Illinois at Chicago">University of Illinois at Chicago</option>
  498. <option value="University of Illinois at Springfield">University of Illinois at Springfield</option>
  499. <option value="University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign">University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign</option>
  500. <option value="University of St. Francis">University of St. Francis</option>
  501. <option value="Western Illinois University">Western Illinois University</option>
  502. <option value="Wheaton College">Wheaton College</option>
  504. <select name="colleges-indiana">
  505. <option value="Anderson University">Anderson University</option>
  506. <option value="Ball State University">Ball State University</option>
  507. <option value="Bethel College">Bethel College</option>
  508. <option value="Butler University">Butler University</option>
  509. <option value="Calumet College of St. Joseph">Calumet College of St. Joseph</option>
  510. <option value="Christian Theological Seminary">Christian Theological Seminary</option>
  511. <option value="Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne">Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne</option>
  512. <option value="DePauw University">DePauw University</option>
  513. <option value="Earlham College">Earlham College</option>
  514. <option value="Franklin College">Franklin College</option>
  515. <option value="Goshen College">Goshen College</option>
  516. <option value="Grace College">Grace College</option>
  517. <option value="Hanover College">Hanover College</option>
  518. <option value="Holy Cross College">Holy Cross College</option>
  519. <option value="Huntington University">Huntington University</option>
  520. <option value="Indiana Institute of Technology">Indiana Institute of Technology</option>
  521. <option value="Indiana State University">Indiana State University</option>
  522. <option value="Indiana University-Bloomington">Indiana University-Bloomington</option>
  523. <option value="Indiana University-East">Indiana University-East</option>
  524. <option value="Indiana University-Kokomo">Indiana University-Kokomo</option>
  525. <option value="Indiana University-Northwest">Indiana University-Northwest</option>
  526. <option value="Indiana University-South Bend">Indiana University-South Bend</option>
  527. <option value="Indiana University-Southeast">Indiana University-Southeast</option>
  528. <option value="Indiana University/Purdue University at Columbus">Indiana University/Purdue University at Columbus</option>
  529. <option value="Indiana University/Purdue University at Fort Wayne">Indiana University/Purdue University at Fort Wayne</option>
  530. <option value="Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis">Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis</option>
  531. <option value="Purdue University">Purdue University</option>
  532. <option value="Purdue University Calumet">Purdue University Calumet</option>
  533. <option value="Purdue University North Central">Purdue University North Central</option>
  534. <option value="Purdue School of Technology at Anderson/Muncie">Purdue School of Technology at Anderson/Muncie</option>
  535. <option value="Purdue School of Technology at Columbus/Greensburg">Purdue School of Technology at Columbus/Greensburg</option>
  536. <option value="Purdue School of Technology at Indianapolis">Purdue School of Technology at Indianapolis</option>
  537. <option value="Purdue School of Technology at Kokomo">Purdue School of Technology at Kokomo</option>
  538. <option value="Purdue School of Technology at New Albany">Purdue School of Technology at New Albany</option>
  539. <option value="Purdue School of Technology at Richmond">Purdue School of Technology at Richmond</option>
  540. <option value="Purdue College of Technology at South Bend/Elkhart">Purdue College of Technology at South Bend/Elkhart</option>
  541. <option value="Indiana Wesleyan University">Indiana Wesleyan University</option>
  542. <option value="Manchester College">Manchester College</option>
  543. <option value="Marian College">Marian College</option>
  544. <option value="Martin University">Martin University</option>
  545. <option value="Oakland City University">Oakland City University</option>
  546. <option value="Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology">Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology</option>
  547. <option value="Saint Joseph's College">Saint Joseph's College</option>
  548. <option value="Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College">Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College</option>
  549. <option value="Saint Mary's College">Saint Mary's College</option>
  550. <option value="Taylor University">Taylor University</option>
  551. <option value="Tri-State University">Tri-State University</option>
  552. <option value="University of Evansville">University of Evansville</option>
  553. <option value="University of Indianapolis">University of Indianapolis</option>
  554. <option value="University of Notre Dame">University of Notre Dame</option>
  555. <option value="University of Saint Francis">University of Saint Francis</option>
  556. <option value="University of Southern Indiana">University of Southern Indiana</option>
  557. <option value="Valparaiso University">Valparaiso University</option>
  558. <option value="Wabash College">Wabash College</option>
  560. <select name="colleges-iowa">
  561. <option value="Allen College">Allen College</option>
  562. <option value="Ashford University">Ashford University</option>
  563. <option value="Briar Cliff College">Briar Cliff College</option>
  564. <option value="Buena Vista University">Buena Vista University</option>
  565. <option value="Central College">Central College</option>
  566. <option value="Clarke College">Clarke College</option>
  567. <option value="Coe College">Coe College</option>
  568. <option value="Cornell College">Cornell College</option>
  569. <option value="Des Moines University-Osteopathic Medical Center">Des Moines University-Osteopathic Medical Center</option>
  570. <option value="Divine Word College">Divine Word College</option>
  571. <option value="Dordt College">Dordt College</option>
  572. <option value="Drake University">Drake University</option>
  573. <option value="Emmaus Bible College">Emmaus Bible College</option>
  574. <option value="Faith Baptist Bible College &amp; Theological Seminary">Faith Baptist Bible College &amp; Theological Seminary</option>
  575. <option value="Graceland College">Graceland College</option>
  576. <option value="Grand View College">Grand View College</option>
  577. <option value="Grinnell College">Grinnell College</option>
  578. <option value="Iowa State University">Iowa State University</option>
  579. <option value="Iowa Wesleyan College">Iowa Wesleyan College</option>
  580. <option value="Kaplan University">Kaplan University</option>
  581. <option value="Loras College">Loras College</option>
  582. <option value="Luther College">Luther College</option>
  583. <option value="Maharishi University of Management">Maharishi University of Management</option>
  584. <option value="Morningside College">Morningside College</option>
  585. <option value="Mount Mercy College">Mount Mercy College</option>
  586. <option value="Northwestern College of Iowa">Northwestern College of Iowa</option>
  587. <option value="St. Ambrose University">St. Ambrose University</option>
  588. <option value="Simpson College">Simpson College</option>
  589. <option value="University of Dubuque">University of Dubuque</option>
  590. <option value="University of Iowa">University of Iowa</option>
  591. <option value="University of Northern Iowa">University of Northern Iowa</option>
  592. <option value="Upper Iowa University">Upper Iowa University</option>
  593. <option value="Vennard College">Vennard College</option>
  594. <option value="Waldorf College">Waldorf College</option>
  595. <option value="Wartburg College">Wartburg College</option>
  596. <option value="William Penn University">William Penn University</option>
  598. <select name="colleges-kansas">
  599. <option value="Baker University">Baker University</option>
  600. <option value="Barclay College">Barclay College</option>
  601. <option value="Benedictine College">Benedictine College</option>
  602. <option value="Bethany College">Bethany College</option>
  603. <option value="Bethel College">Bethel College</option>
  604. <option value="Central Christian College">Central Christian College</option>
  605. <option value="Emporia State University">Emporia State University</option>
  606. <option value="Fort Hays State University">Fort Hays State University</option>
  607. <option value="Friends University">Friends University</option>
  608. <option value="Haskell Indian Nations University">Haskell Indian Nations University</option>
  609. <option value="Hesston College">Hesston College</option>
  610. <option value="Kansas State University">Kansas State University</option>
  611. <option value="Kansas Wesleyan University">Kansas Wesleyan University</option>
  612. <option value="Manhattan Christian College">Manhattan Christian College</option>
  613. <option value="McPherson College">McPherson College</option>
  614. <option value="Mid-America Nazarene College">Mid-America Nazarene College</option>
  615. <option value="Newman University">Newman University</option>
  616. <option value="Ottawa University">Ottawa University</option>
  617. <option value="Pittsburg State University">Pittsburg State University</option>
  618. <option value="Southwestern College">Southwestern College</option>
  619. <option value="Sterling College">Sterling College</option>
  620. <option value="Tabor College">Tabor College</option>
  621. <option value="University of Kansas">University of Kansas</option>
  622. <option value="University of Kansas Medical Center">University of Kansas Medical Center</option>
  623. <option value="University of Saint Mary">University of Saint Mary</option>
  624. <option value="Washburn University">Washburn University</option>
  625. <option value="Wichita State University">Wichita State University</option>
  627. <select name="colleges-kentucky">
  628. <option value="Alice Lloyd College">Alice Lloyd College</option>
  629. <option value="Asbury College">Asbury College</option>
  630. <option value="Asbury Theological Seminary">Asbury Theological Seminary</option>
  631. <option value="Bellarmine College">Bellarmine College</option>
  632. <option value="Berea College">Berea College</option>
  633. <option value="Brescia University">Brescia University</option>
  634. <option value="Campbellsville University">Campbellsville University</option>
  635. <option value="Centre College">Centre College</option>
  636. <option value="Clear Creek Baptist Bible College">Clear Creek Baptist Bible College</option>
  637. <option value="Cumberland College">Cumberland College</option>
  638. <option value="Eastern Kentucky University">Eastern Kentucky University</option>
  639. <option value="Georgetown College">Georgetown College</option>
  640. <option value="Kentucky Christian University">Kentucky Christian University</option>
  641. <option value="Kentucky Mountain Bible College">Kentucky Mountain Bible College</option>
  642. <option value="Kentucky State University">Kentucky State University</option>
  643. <option value="Kentucky Wesleyan College">Kentucky Wesleyan College</option>
  644. <option value="Lexington Theological Seminary">Lexington Theological Seminary</option>
  645. <option value="Lindsey Wilson College">Lindsey Wilson College</option>
  646. <option value="Mid-Continent College">Mid-Continent College</option>
  647. <option value="Midway College">Midway College</option>
  648. <option value="Morehead State University">Morehead State University</option>
  649. <option value="Murray State University">Murray State University</option>
  650. <option value="Northern Kentucky University">Northern Kentucky University</option>
  651. <option value="Pikeville College">Pikeville College</option>
  652. <option value="St. Catharine College">St. Catharine College</option>
  653. <option value="Southern Baptist Theological Seminary">Southern Baptist Theological Seminary</option>
  654. <option value="Spalding University">Spalding University</option>
  655. <option value="Sullivan University">Sullivan University</option>
  656. <option value="Thomas More College">Thomas More College</option>
  657. <option value="Transylvania University">Transylvania University</option>
  658. <option value="Union College">Union College</option>
  659. <option value="University of Kentucky">University of Kentucky</option>
  660. <option value="University of Louisville">University of Louisville</option>
  661. <option value="Western Kentucky University">Western Kentucky University</option>
  663. <select name="colleges-maine">
  664. <option value="Bates College">Bates College</option>
  665. <option value="Bowdoin College">Bowdoin College</option>
  666. <option value="Colby College">Colby College</option>
  667. <option value="College of the Atlantic">College of the Atlantic</option>
  668. <option value="Husson College">Husson College</option>
  669. <option value="Maine College of Art">Maine College of Art</option>
  670. <option value="Maine Maritime Academy">Maine Maritime Academy</option>
  671. <option value="St. Joseph's College">St. Joseph's College</option>
  672. <option value="Thomas College">Thomas College</option>
  673. <option value="Unity College">Unity College</option>
  674. <option value="University of Maine at Augusta">University of Maine at Augusta</option>
  675. <option value="University of Maine at Farmington">University of Maine at Farmington</option>
  676. <option value="University of Maine at Fort Kent">University of Maine at Fort Kent</option>
  677. <option value="University of Maine at Machias">University of Maine at Machias</option>
  678. <option value="University of Maine at Orono">University of Maine at Orono</option>
  679. <option value="University of Maine at Presque Isle">University of Maine at Presque Isle</option>
  680. <option value="University of Maine School of Law">University of Maine School of Law</option>
  681. <option value="University of Southern Maine">University of Southern Maine</option>
  682. <option value="University of New England">University of New England</option>
  684. <select name="colleges-maryland">
  685. <option value="Baltimore Hebrew University">Baltimore Hebrew University</option>
  686. <option value="Baltimore International College">Baltimore International College</option>
  687. <option value="Bowie State University">Bowie State University</option>
  688. <option value="Capitol College">Capitol College</option>
  689. <option value="Chesapeake College">Chesapeake College</option>
  690. <option value="College of Notre Dame of Maryland">College of Notre Dame of Maryland</option>
  691. <option value="Columbia Union College">Columbia Union College</option>
  692. <option value="Coppin State University">Coppin State University</option>
  693. <option value="Goucher College">Goucher College</option>
  694. <option value="Frostburg State University">Frostburg State University</option>
  695. <option value="Hood College">Hood College</option>
  696. <option value="Johns Hopkins University">Johns Hopkins University</option>
  697. <option value="Loyola College">Loyola College</option>
  698. <option value="Maryland institute, College of Art">Maryland institute, College of Art</option>
  699. <option value="McDaniel College">McDaniel College</option>
  700. <option value="Morgan State University">Morgan State University</option>
  701. <option value="Mount Saint Mary's University">Mount Saint Mary's University</option>
  702. <option value="National Labor College">National Labor College</option>
  703. <option value="St. John's College-Annapolis">St. John's College-Annapolis</option>
  704. <option value="St. Mary's College of Maryland">St. Mary's College of Maryland</option>
  705. <option value="St. Mary's Seminary &amp; University">St. Mary's Seminary &amp; University</option>
  706. <option value="Salisbury University">Salisbury University</option>
  707. <option value="Soujourner-Douglass College">Soujourner-Douglass College</option>
  708. <option value="Tai Sophia Institute">Tai Sophia Institute</option>
  709. <option value="Towson University">Towson University</option>
  710. <option value="The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences">The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences</option>
  711. <option value="United States Naval Academy">United States Naval Academy</option>
  712. <option value="University of Baltimore">University of Baltimore</option>
  713. <option value="University of Maryland at Baltimore">University of Maryland at Baltimore</option>
  714. <option value="University of Maryland Baltimore County">University of Maryland Baltimore County</option>
  715. <option value="University of Maryland at College Park">University of Maryland at College Park</option>
  716. <option value="University of Maryland at Eastern Shore">University of Maryland at Eastern Shore</option>
  717. <option value="University of Maryland at University College">University of Maryland at University College</option>
  718. <option value="Washington Bible College">Washington Bible College</option>
  719. <option value="Washington College">Washington College</option>
  720. <option value="Villa Julie College">Villa Julie College</option>
  722. <select name="colleges-massachusetts">
  723. <option value="American International College">American International College</option>
  724. <option value="Amherst College">Amherst College</option>
  725. <option value="Anna Maria College">Anna Maria College</option>
  726. <option value="Assumption College">Assumption College</option>
  727. <option value="Atlantic Union College">Atlantic Union College</option>
  728. <option value="Babson College">Babson College</option>
  729. <option value="Bay Path College">Bay Path College</option>
  730. <option value="Becker College">Becker College</option>
  731. <option value="Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology">Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology</option>
  732. <option value="Bentley College">Bentley College</option>
  733. <option value="Berklee College of Music">Berklee College of Music</option>
  734. <option value="Boston College">Boston College</option>
  735. <option value="Boston Conservatory">Boston Conservatory</option>
  736. <option value="Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis">Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis</option>
  737. <option value="Boston University">Boston University</option>
  738. <option value="Brandeis University">Brandeis University</option>
  739. <option value="Bridgewater State College">Bridgewater State College</option>
  740. <option value="Cambridge College">Cambridge College</option>
  741. <option value="Clark University">Clark University</option>
  742. <option value="College of the Holy Cross">College of the Holy Cross</option>
  743. <option value="Curry College">Curry College</option>
  744. <option value="Eastern Nazarene College">Eastern Nazarene College</option>
  745. <option value="Elms College">Elms College</option>
  746. <option value="Emerson College">Emerson College</option>
  747. <option value="Emmanuel College">Emmanuel College</option>
  748. <option value="Endicott College">Endicott College</option>
  749. <option value="Fitchburg State College">Fitchburg State College</option>
  750. <option value="Framingham State College">Framingham State College</option>
  751. <option value="Gordon College">Gordon College</option>
  752. <option value="Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary">Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary</option>
  753. <option value="Hampshire College">Hampshire College</option>
  754. <option value="Harvard University">Harvard University</option>
  755. <option value="Hult International Business School">Hult International Business School</option>
  756. <option value="Lasell College">Lasell College</option>
  757. <option value="Lesley College">Lesley College</option>
  758. <option value="Massachusetts College of Art">Massachusetts College of Art</option>
  759. <option value="Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts">Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts</option>
  760. <option value="Massachuetts College of Pharmacy &amp; Health Sciences">Massachuetts College of Pharmacy &amp; Health Sciences</option>
  761. <option value="Massachusetts Institute of Technology">Massachusetts Institute of Technology</option>
  762. <option value="Massachusetts Maritime Academy">Massachusetts Maritime Academy</option>
  763. <option value="Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology">Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology</option>
  764. <option value="Merrimack College">Merrimack College</option>
  765. <option value="Mount Holyoke College">Mount Holyoke College</option>
  766. <option value="Mount Ida College">Mount Ida College</option>
  767. <option value="New England College of Optometry">New England College of Optometry</option>
  768. <option value="New England Conservatory of Music">New England Conservatory of Music</option>
  769. <option value="Newbury College">Newbury College</option>
  770. <option value="Nichols College">Nichols College</option>
  771. <option value="North Adams State College">North Adams State College</option>
  772. <option value="Northeastern University">Northeastern University</option>
  773. <option value="Pine Manor College">Pine Manor College</option>
  774. <option value="Regis College">Regis College</option>
  775. <option value="Salem State College">Salem State College</option>
  776. <option value="Simmons College">Simmons College</option>
  777. <option value="Simon's Rock College">Simon's Rock College</option>
  778. <option value="Smith College">Smith College</option>
  779. <option value="Springfield College">Springfield College</option>
  780. <option value="Stonehill College">Stonehill College</option>
  781. <option value="Suffolk University">Suffolk University</option>
  782. <option value="Tufts University">Tufts University</option>
  783. <option value="University of Massachusetts at Amherst">University of Massachusetts at Amherst</option>
  784. <option value="University of Massachusetts at Boston">University of Massachusetts at Boston</option>
  785. <option value="University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth">University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth</option>
  786. <option value="University of Massachusetts at Lowell">University of Massachusetts at Lowell</option>
  787. <option value="University of Massachusetts Medical School at Worcester">University of Massachusetts Medical School at Worcester</option>
  788. <option value="Wellesley College">Wellesley College</option>
  789. <option value="Wentworth Institute of Technology">Wentworth Institute of Technology</option>
  790. <option value="Western New England College">Western New England College</option>
  791. <option value="Westfield State College">Westfield State College</option>
  792. <option value="Weston Jesuit School of Theology">Weston Jesuit School of Theology</option>
  793. <option value="Wheaton College">Wheaton College</option>
  794. <option value="Wheelock College">Wheelock College</option>
  795. <option value="Williams College">Williams College</option>
  796. <option value="Worcester Polytechnic Institute">Worcester Polytechnic Institute</option>
  797. <option value="Worcester State College">Worcester State College</option>
  799. <select name="colleges-michigan">
  800. <option value="Adrian College">Adrian College</option>
  801. <option value="Albion College">Albion College</option>
  802. <option value="Alma College">Alma College</option>
  803. <option value="Andrews University">Andrews University</option>
  804. <option value="Aquinas College">Aquinas College</option>
  805. <option value="Baker College">Baker College</option>
  806. <option value="Calvin College">Calvin College</option>
  807. <option value="Central Michigan University">Central Michigan University</option>
  808. <option value="Cleary College">Cleary College</option>
  809. <option value="College for Creative Studies">College for Creative Studies</option>
  810. <option value="Concordia College-Ann Arbor">Concordia College-Ann Arbor</option>
  811. <option value="Cornerstone University">Cornerstone University</option>
  812. <option value="Cranbrook Academy of Art">Cranbrook Academy of Art</option>
  813. <option value="Davenport University">Davenport University</option>
  814. <option value="Eastern Michigan University">Eastern Michigan University</option>
  815. <option value="Ferris State University">Ferris State University</option>
  816. <option value="Finlandia University">Finlandia University</option>
  817. <option value="Grace Bible College">Grace Bible College</option>
  818. <option value="Grand Valley State University">Grand Valley State University</option>
  819. <option value="Hillsdale College">Hillsdale College</option>
  820. <option value="Hope College">Hope College</option>
  821. <option value="Kalamazoo College">Kalamazoo College</option>
  822. <option value="Kendall College of Art &amp; Design">Kendall College of Art &amp; Design</option>
  823. <option value="Kettering University">Kettering University</option>
  824. <option value="Kuyper College">Kuyper College</option>
  825. <option value="Lake Superior State University">Lake Superior State University</option>
  826. <option value="Lawrence Technological University">Lawrence Technological University</option>
  827. <option value="Madonna University">Madonna University</option>
  828. <option value="Marygrove College">Marygrove College</option>
  829. <option value="Michigan State University">Michigan State University</option>
  830. <option value="Michigan Technological University">Michigan Technological University</option>
  831. <option value="Northern Michigan University">Northern Michigan University</option>
  832. <option value="Northwood University">Northwood University</option>
  833. <option value="Oakland University">Oakland University</option>
  834. <option value="Olivet College">Olivet College</option>
  835. <option value="Rochester College">Rochester College</option>
  836. <option value="Saginaw Valley State University">Saginaw Valley State University</option>
  837. <option value="Siena Heights University">Siena Heights University</option>
  838. <option value="Spring Arbor University">Spring Arbor University</option>
  839. <option value="University of Detroit Mercy">University of Detroit Mercy</option>
  840. <option value="University of Michigan at Ann Arbor">University of Michigan at Ann Arbor</option>
  841. <option value="University of Michigan at Dearborn">University of Michigan at Dearborn</option>
  842. <option value="University of Michigan at Flint">University of Michigan at Flint</option>
  843. <option value="Walsh College">Walsh College</option>
  844. <option value="Wayne State University">Wayne State University</option>
  845. <option value="Western Michigan University">Western Michigan University</option>
  847. <select name="colleges-mississippi">
  848. <option value="Alcorn State University">Alcorn State University</option>
  849. <option value="Belhaven College">Belhaven College</option>
  850. <option value="Blue Mountain College">Blue Mountain College</option>
  851. <option value="Delta State University">Delta State University</option>
  852. <option value="Jackson State University">Jackson State University</option>
  853. <option value="Magnolia Bible College">Magnolia Bible College</option>
  854. <option value="Millsaps College">Millsaps College</option>
  855. <option value="Mississippi College">Mississippi College</option>
  856. <option value="Mississippi State University">Mississippi State University</option>
  857. <option value="Mississippi University for Women">Mississippi University for Women</option>
  858. <option value="Mississippi Valley State University">Mississippi Valley State University</option>
  859. <option value="Rust College">Rust College</

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