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JSONP property for cherrypy

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This is a @property to take care of jsonp stuff if you're using CherryPy. In your Javascript, (you're using JQuery, right?) you can do $.ajax({url:"localhost:8080/MyMethod", data:{'arg1':'foo'}, dataType:"jsonp", success:onMyMethodComplete}); and you will get back your JS datastructure without having to worry about the jsonp stuff yourself.

  1. import simplejson
  2. def jsonp(func):
  3. def foo(self, *args, **kwargs):
  4. callback, _ = None, None
  5. if 'callback' in kwargs and '_' in kwargs:
  6. callback, _ = kwargs['callback'], kwargs['_']
  7. del kwargs['callback'], kwargs['_']
  8. ret = func(self, *args, **kwargs)
  9. if callback is not None:
  10. ret = '%s(%s)' % (callback, simplejson.dumps(ret))
  11. return ret
  12. return foo
  14. class Server(object):
  15. @cherrypy.expose
  16. @jsonp
  17. def MyMethod(self, arg1):
  18. #do something with arg1
  19. return 'Works'

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