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GWT Hosted Mode options

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  1. Google Web Toolkit 1.6.4
  2. HostedMode [-noserver] [-port port-number | "auto"] [-whitelist whitelist-string] [-blacklist blacklist-string] [-logLevel level] [-gen dir] [-style style] [-ea] [-server servletContainerLauncher] [-startupUrl url] [-war dir] [-extra dir] [-workDir dir] [-localWorkers count] module[s]
  4. where
  5. -noserver Prevents the embedded web server from running
  6. -port Specifies the TCP port for the embedded web server (defaults to 8888)
  7. -whitelist Allows the user to browse URLs that match the specified regexes (comma or space separated)
  8. -blacklist Prevents the user browsing URLs that match the specified regexes (comma or space separated)
  9. -logLevel The level of logging detail: ERROR, WARN, INFO, TRACE, DEBUG, SPAM, or ALL
  10. -gen The directory into which generated files will be written for review
  11. -style Script output style: OBF[USCATED], PRETTY, or DETAILED (defaults to OBF)
  12. -ea Debugging: causes the compiled output to check assert statements.
  13. -server Specifies a different embedded web server to run (must implement ServletContainerLauncher)
  14. -startupUrl Automatically launches the specified URL
  15. -war The war directory to write output files into (defaults to war)
  16. -extra The directory into which extra, non-deployed files will be written
  17. -workDir The compiler work directory (must be writeable; defaults to a system temp dir)
  18. -localWorkers Specifies the number of local workers to use when compiling permutations
  19. and
  20. module[s] Specifies the name(s) of the module(s) to host

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