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regex ip ipAddress

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GetIP & GetIPPort Regex

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  • Usefull as shell command and everyting else get-ip='egrep -o "[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}"' get-ipport='egrep -o "[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}[0-9 :]+" | sed -e "s/ //g"'
  1. /([0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4})/
  2. /([0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4}\.[0-9]{1,4})([0-9 :]+)/

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