Validation for a combo box with a corresponding text field

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  1. Private Sub cboColor_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
  3. ' Validation for combo box with a corresponding text field.
  4. ' When users select "Other" in cboColor, they are encouraged to specify in txtOther what they mean.
  5. ' If they enter something in txtOther and then decide to change or delete their answer in cboColor, this routine
  6. ' tells them the data in txtOther will be deleted. This prevents orphaned data being stored in txtOther
  7. ' when cboColor is blank or <> "Other".
  9. If Not IsNull(Me.txtOther) Then ' If txtOther has data
  10. If Not Me.cboColor.Value = "Other" Or IsNull(Me.cboColor) Then ' and the user selects something different than "Other", ask the user to confirm the change
  11. If MsgBox("Changing this answer from 'Other' will delete the information in the adjacent text field. " & _
  12. Chr(13) & Chr(13) & "Continue?", vbQuestion + vbYesNo + vbDefaultButton2, "Change Answer?") = vbYes Then
  13. ' If the user clicks 'Yes'
  14. Me.txtOther = Null ' delete the data in txtOther
  15. Else ' Otherwise, if the user doesn't click 'Yes'
  16. Cancel = True ' don't go through with the change (i.e., cancel the update),
  17. Me.cboColor.Undo ' restore the value of cboOther to the original answer (i.e., 'Other')
  18. Exit Sub ' and leave this routine
  19. End If
  20. End If
  21. End If
  23. 'Check the final value in cboColor to determine whether to enable or disable txtOther.
  24. 'If cboColor = 'Other', set txtOther's enabled property to True (i.e., -1).
  25. 'If cboColor <> 'Other', set txtOther's enabled property to False (i.e., 0).
  27. Me.txtOther.Enabled = IIf(Me.cboColor = "Other", -1, 0)
  29. End Sub

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