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thumbsdb PowerShell

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Use Powershell to remove all instances of thumbs.db in current tree

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Powershell 1.0's Remove-Item recursion "doesn't work" according to the help, so you must find all instances with Get_ChildItem then pass the results to Remove-Item. Use th ecommented -"WhatIf" argument to determine what will be deleted before executing for real.

  1. Get-ChildItem -Path . -Include Thumbs.db -Recurse -Name -Force | Remove-Item -Force #-WhatIf

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Posted By: Vordreller on April 16, 2009

Nice, works just like it should.

I made a similar post for batch, but this does the job more completely, as batch can't go into sub-sub-sub maps and powershell can.

Posted By: Jacky888 on July 28, 2018

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