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ThomasGHenry on 04/07/09


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Gmail Today's Unread Email Bookmarklet

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This is my first ever bookmarklet. It's simple and could be tightened up but it works for me (FF3 Ubuntu 8.10).

Oh, by the way, what it does is load gmail (if you're signed in, which I always am) with a search for the unread messages (is:unread) of the current day (after:2009-4-7, for example).

Oh yeah. If you want to use it just create a bookmark in your browser (or and use this snippet as the url.

I noticed that it doesn't always work in the current tab, but always in new tabs (via middle click, etc). Feel free to advise on how to correct that.

fixed... thanks to these good folks:

  1. javascript:void((function(){var%20t=%20new%20Date(),y=t.getFullYear(),m=t.getMonth()+1,d=t.getDate();window.location.href=""+y+"-"+m+"-"+d;})())

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