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Test for Even / Odd Numbers in Javascript

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One of those common tools that's easy to forget about is the Modulus operator (%), which returns the remainder of a division operation.

If you divide some number by two, a remainder of 0 indicates an even number, while a remainder of 1 indicates an odd number.

  1. var isEven = function(someNumber){
  2. return (someNumber%2 == 0) ? true : false;
  3. };
  5. alert(isEven(64)); // Alerts "true".
  7. alert(isEven(97)); // Alerts "false".

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Posted By: soldner on September 25, 2010

Nice, just what I needed. Thanks!

Posted By: gauthamvit on July 16, 2011

I came across where there was a simple Javascript program to find whether the number is odd or even. I am pasting the same code with permission here.

var n = prompt("Enter a number to find odd or even", "Type your number here"); n = parseInt(n); if (isNaN(n)) { alert("Please Enter a Number"); } else if (n == 0) { alert("The number is zero"); } else if (n%2) { alert("The number is odd"); } else { alert("The number is even"); }

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