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Get Google Maps Coordinates from URL

 / Published in: VB.NET


This function will parse out the Google Maps coordinates from a Google Maps link url like this one:,-87.978516&spn=23.565589,33.925781&t=h&z=5. The coordinates in this URL are 43.068888,-87.978516.

  1. Public Function GetGeoCoords(ByVal inString As String) As String
  2. Dim Chunks As String()
  3. Dim outString As String = ""
  4. Chunks = Regex.Split(inString, "&")
  5. For Each s As String In Chunks
  6. If InStr(s, "ll") > 0 Then outString = s
  7. Next
  8. Return Replace(Replace(outString, "sll=", ""), "ll=", "")
  9. End Function

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