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Never used the index() method in jQuery but could be useful to know. Find a selected elements index when you click on it. Note the $('ul#mylist') inside the index method, gives the search some context of where to look for .selected, saves looking through all the DOM.

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  1. //jQuery only
  2. var selected = $('ul#mylist li').index( $('.selected',$('ul#mylist')) );
  4. //Dirty Javascript / jQuery way
  5. var selected = 0;
  6. // Iterate through item in the list. If we find the selected item, return false to break out of the loop
  7. $(‘ul#mylist li’).each(function(index){
  8. if ($(this).hasClass(‘selected’)){
  9. selected = index;
  10. return false;
  12. }
  13. });


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