Convert Date Field and Time field to DateTime

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  1. evTitle as 'name',
  2. concat(description,"\n",url) as description,
  3. CASt(CONCAT(CAST(startDate as char),' ',cast(startTime as CHAR)) as datetime) as dtstart,
  4. CASt(CONCAT(CAST(endDate as char),' ',cast(endTime as CHAR)) as datetime) as dtend,
  5. evVenue as location,
  6. evAddress as street,
  7. evCity as city,
  8. evState as state,
  9. cast(NOW() as datetime) as modified_at,
  10. cast(dateEntered as datetime ) as created_at,
  11. '1' as author,
  12. '' as author_ip
  13. from FTDevents;

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