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PHP Strip Signature from Email

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If reading email from a POP box with PHP, you can use this to strip out signatures (ones that are delimited with the proper '--' notation). It will only strip the last signature of an email, in case someone enters a '--' intentionally elsewhere.

  1. function strip_signature($strEmailContent) {
  2. $arrParts = preg_split('/((?:\r|\n|
  3. |\n\r)--\s*(?:\r|\n|
  4. |\n\r))/', $strEmailContent, -1, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE);
  5. array_pop($arrParts);
  6. array_pop($arrParts);
  7. $strEmailContent = implode('', $arrParts);
  8. return $strEmailContent;
  9. }

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