WordPress - redirect to the post instead of archive page when search query returns single result

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Courtesy Kevin Chard at WPSnipp.com.

Adding this snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress theme will redirect your search to the post automatically when wordpress only returns a single search result.

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  1. add_action('template_redirect', 'single_result');
  2. function single_result() {
  3. if (is_search()) {
  4. global $wp_query;
  5. if ($wp_query->post_count == 1) {
  6. wp_redirect( get_permalink( $wp_query->posts['0']->ID ) );
  7. }
  8. }
  9. }

URL: http://wpsnipp.com/index.php/functions-php/redirect-to-post-when-search-query-returns-single-result/

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