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This is a basic shell for PayPal IPN. It is by no means a complete solution, but it should provide a good starting point for anyone that wants to work out IPN. Or it can be used as is to do basic IPN.
2 483 posted 14 years ago by xtheonex
I use this snippet to force a number to 2 decimal places. Eg, For prices, PHP rounds the number 22.20 to 22.2. This code forces a zero on the end if there isn't 2 decimal places already.
1 572 posted 14 years ago by xtheonex
Function to return the current page name, without the location of it... Eg, for the URL http://localhost/www/someproject/index.php, this would return index.php
1 465 posted 14 years ago by xtheonex
A quick, usefull function which i use to convert a date/time string pulled from MySQL, into a readable format.
1 604 posted 14 years ago by xtheonex
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