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Der folgende Codeschnipsel enthält keinerlei Überprüfungen der übergebenen Parameter, diese sollten für den produktiven Einsatz noch nachgepflegt werden. Wie man sieht, ist die Berechnung von Wochendenden und Feiertagen recht einfach. Diese Ber...
1 636 posted 9 years ago by satie83
I want to extract the numbers from a string that contains numbers and letters like
0 834 posted 9 years ago by satie83
Sometimes it’s helpful to ONLY get numeric characters. Phone numbers, age — whatever your little PHP heart desires.
0 1363 posted 10 years ago by satie83
Once in a while we need to check whether a string contains substring, some other string or characters or a value. Checking for existence of a string (or substring) inside another string is easier than it might seem. The following article describes ho...
0 561 posted 10 years ago by satie83
In javascript there is no function for printing variables like you have PHP, I use print_r and var_dump a lot in PHP for dumping variables so I wanted to create a simular function in javascript.
0 669 posted 10 years ago by satie83
Example calculate yesterday, but if you multiply by some number you can get in an easy way, weeks, months or years
0 624 posted 10 years ago by satie83
This function checks if the $stringComplete variable ends with the string $endString.
0 456 posted 10 years ago by satie83
A nice way to do sorting of a key on a multi-dimensional array - DavidG
0 657 posted 10 years ago by satie83
Converts a php object to an associative array
1 3505 posted 11 years ago by satie83
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