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If you want to serialize a password in some custom object you are working with, create another member that is the encrypted bytes and serialize/deserialize that. For simply encrypting/decrypting a file, you can use [System.IO.File.Encrypt](http://...
0 622 posted 14 years ago by pckujawa
If you weren't already aware, you can use a product like [Reflector.NET](http://www.red-gate.com/products/reflector/) to see all of the source code (that's right, the code) of a .NET assembly (DLL, EXE, etc). This is a real problem when your code is...
1 861 posted 14 years ago by pckujawa
I got most of these tips out of a great book published by O'Reilly (my favorite web-design publisher): "Programming PHP, 2nd Ed." by Lerdorf, Tatroe, and McIntyre. Another good book is "Essential PHP Security," also published by O...
2 1252 posted 17 years ago by pckujawa
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