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  1. FAVPick a random element with jQuery

    jQuery random jquery text randomise
    posted on July 10, 2013 by i-am-andy
  2. FAVLoad latest version of jQuery from Google Libraries API and de-register Wordpress version

    CSS php wordpress jquery functions saved by 3 people
    posted on July 25, 2012 by i-am-andy
  3. FAVHow to change pager text in jquery cycle plugin

    JavaScript jquery pagination cycle saved by 1 person
    posted on November 23, 2011 by i-am-andy
  4. FAVAdd Class To 4th Repeating Item

    jQuery jquery nth-child
    posted on September 27, 2011 by i-am-andy
  5. FAVjQuery Pop up for Repeating items

    jQuery div window jquery to a find up pop for items traversing Repeating
    posted on September 7, 2011 by i-am-andy
  6. FAVjQuery random image

    jQuery image random jquery background saved by 1 person
    posted on September 1, 2011 by i-am-andy
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