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  1. FAV

    Plugin that disables notifications of wp-kernel and wp-plugin updates

    installed in a special folder /wp-content/mu-plugins and disabled auto-update plugins and core WP
    PHP 127 views posted 3 months ago cerxx
  2. FAV

    Get the Value of the Custom Field Using the Shortcode

    Get the Value of the Custom Field Using the Shortcode
    PHP 79 views posted 5 months ago cerxx
  3. FAV

    Underconstruction redirect Function

    Underconstruction redirect
    PHP 10 views posted 11 months ago cerxx
  4. FAV

    How To Remove WooCommerce JSON/LD Structured Data

    Going through the templates and removing really isn’t an ideal solution here. Luckily there is a single function you can add to your child theme’s functions.php file that will disable this.
    PHP 12 views posted 1 year ago cerxx
  5. FAV

    How to remove application/ld + json YOAST SEO plugin in wordpress

    JSON-LD is one of the micromarking schemes. If you use the SEO plugin Yoast SEO on your website, then it defaults to a JSON-LD scheme for the entire website that cannot be changed. In order for the site owner to be able to use any other microdata, th...
    PHP 16 views posted 1 year ago cerxx
  6. FAV

    Remove version of CSS / JS files in WordPress

    By default, WordPress adds the? Ver = [version] parameter to the end of the address of all connected CSS and JavaScript files. The use of versioning adds a convenient mechanism for monitoring the state of the browser’s cache. After modifying the file...
    PHP 16 views posted 1 year ago cerxx
  7. FAV

    Transfer the call scripts from header to the footer on WordPress

    If you have been able to check your site by means of the PageSpeed ??Insights service, you may notice that it is not an easy task to recruit even 80% of the test results. Only by completing most of the recommendations of Google, you can hope for an i...
    PHP 12 views posted 1 year ago cerxx
  8. FAV

    PHP analog of console.log () function

    Debugger analog for PHP: debugger console_log ().
    PHP 11 views posted 1 year ago cerxx
  9. FAV

    Logging debug arbitrary information

    In certain cases, it is useful to display additional information in a journal that does not report an error, but simply helps in writing your own code. For this PHP provides the function error_log (). This function does not provide formatting, so yo...
    PHP 10 views posted 1 year ago cerxx
  10. FAV


    Before moving on to the site migration, make sure that the new domain is parked for hosting. To do this simply: go to your new domain and if a message appears that the site has not been launched yet, then everything is fine. If nothing will open at a...
    PHP 10 views posted 1 year ago cerxx
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