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1.Scores Vs Character building. In the midst of the fierce competition and a rat race in college, students seem to have forgotten the basic premise to take admission in the college. To build character and become better human beings! Today, the professors stress on scores more than character building. Every student aspires towards getting a commendable score be it essay writing or a final exam. Some of them fell really strange when ask for the help best dissertation writing services. As a result, there is so much malice in the society in general and vices such as lying, deception, hypocrisy and arrogance are becoming pervasive. More and more students are becoming haughty and think highly of themselves. They have forgotten to love, to forgive and to apologize. 2.Apologize. As human we all are infallible creatures and are prone to making mistakes. An apology simply depicts your integrity and asserts that you are responsible enough to own your mistake. If you had said scornful remarks to your friend on their rudimentary essay writing skills, is a simple apology too much to ask for after all the hurt you have caused? Essentially, apology shows that you are expressing remorse over your actions which has negatively influenced or hurt the other person. You may not have intended to hurt the other person with your condescending remarks, but you should be able to make up for it if you have already caused the other person to feel bad. 3.What happens when you apologize. The minute you apologize you will notice that the feeling of awkwardness and tension between you and the other party has diffused to a great deal. The person no longer will be able to hold any grudge or resentment against you. As a matter of fact, they will esteem you for having the audacity to apologize . That is the magic of the simple three words: “I am sorry.”

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