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William Sayers: Head of Testing, Editor William Sayers as head of testing helps coordinate and conduct product testing for all of the company's editorial brands. Before that he worked in IT and helpdesk roles. Internet specialist. Analyst. Reader & Writer. There is a Denon AVR-S740H decrees the month that maintains (has taken he during week of Thanksgiving) and has been really impressed with a receiver so far. It substitutes a Pioneer VSX-532 because of HDMI glitches and the few other smaller insects with this unit that resulted me on taking drawee of him. A quality of tez in a Denon is decent, listens while it goes in last in fact a lot of years to come and a far control is equally very too many. A quality of his global is awesome if any better that any one another receiver has used in a past, at present is that it runs the 7.1 surround the sound and he sound very good. A Audyssey MultiEQ the calibration is executed well and cradles in the cape of MCCAA calibration of Pioneer. A new upmixers Dolby Surround and DTS Neural X so much gives to breathe it new of fresh air in stereo and 5.1 sources (as far prefer a last upmixer). HEOS The musician is quite well too so far. And HDMI passthrough comprising HDR10 is for one the majority of problem-free. An only with has had with a receiver so far is a card UI the graphic looks of old computer of an early 2000s, time for Denon to give it a no above the small bit right there. Finally a Denon AVR-S740H is sure the entrance adds levels 7 receiver of the canal and he are included better can take he in the good roads that a regular prize ($ 479). Perhaps once he experimented a two nine immersive Dolby of formats Atmos and DTS:X, could give this revises the update, included with Vision of Dolby HDR. Technical fast specs: -165 watts for canal for speakers of 6 ohms -75 watts for canal for speakers of 8 ohms -6 HDMI entered (5 in a backside, 1 in a front) -Phono enter -2 Compound entered of video -2 Optic gone in and 1 Coaxial entrance -HDR passthrough (supports HLG, HDR10, and Vision of Dolby) -Dolby formats: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby More Digital, Dolby TrueHD, and Dolby Atmos -DTS has formed: DTS Digital Surrounds, DTS 96/24, DTS-EAST, DTS-HD Audio of Big Resolution, DTS-HD Master Audio, and DTS:X UPDATE (5 Course, 2019): now have the 5.1.2 configuration to put setup since almost done two weeks and for earnest the be finds the heights advances to be even more immersive that Behind it Surround It (aka 7.1). In a past two weekends have looked any 4K Blu-rays with Dolby Atmos and/or DTS:X audio what Overlord (which are Atmos) and Kin (which are DTS:X) for examples, all has done the orderly work in this receiver. While in-the speakers of ceiling give you to you a better global action for a two immersive formed, if you are not left to do in-of the speakers of ceiling (especially yes because of reasons to walk), to good sure would go a road of of the one of the west of the advances of height before it goes with a Atmos-road of the west enabled to take the pair of SVS speakers of First Elevation or included uses the pair of bookshelf speakers to locate in a wall that is only 3-5 inches to touch a ceiling.


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