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There are unwritten rules of the game, the implementation of which does not guarantee a fabulous win, but it radically reduces the likelihood of losing money. Some of them have a scientific basis, others are pure prejudice. But all experienced players try to strictly comply with them.\r\nDon\'t play too long\r\n\r\nAccording to gaming statistics, the casino always wins on long time intervals. This is due to the fact that prolonged gambling battles tire the player. He gets tired and loses concentration, starts to make mistakes. And even if luck is on his side, unwillingness to stop in time, can cause the loss of all money. Therefore, in the game with online casinos you need to set your own rules. Every 45-60 minutes you need to take breaks to relax and analyze the course of a gambling battle;\r\nDo not play with borrowed funds\r\n\r\nThis may seem like a common prejudice, but all experienced casino visitors strongly believe that playing for borrowed money is a guarantee of defeat. Apparently, the goddess Fortune simply does not like it when she comes to visit with someone else\'s money;\r\nDo not drink alcohol while playing\r\n\r\nFree strong drinks appeared in gambling establishments for a reason. Casino owners are well aware that alcohol dulls the client’s self-preservation instinct and makes him make mistakes. Therefore, you can drink during the game only in case of a battle with a machine gun in free mode. When playing for real money, drinking alcohol is strongly discouraged.\r\nIn any case, you need to understand that visiting a casino is a prestigious and expensive leisure. The process of the game must be enjoyed. And only then can Fortune smile and give, in addition to pleasant emotions, a big win.

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