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at September 10, 2008 20:55 by shrop

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$imce_url = function_exists('imce_access') && imce_access() ? url('imce') : '';

return "js:
var B = eDefBrowseButton('$imce_url', 'attr_src', 'Browse', 'image');
var form = [
 {name: 'src', title: 'Image URL', suffix: B},
 {name: 'width', title: 'Width x Height', suffix: ' x ', getnext: true, attributes: {size: 3}},
 {name: 'height', attributes: {size: 3}},
 {name: 'alt', title: 'Alternative text'},
 {name: 'class', title: 'Position: floatleft, floatright, or leave blank'}
eDefTagDialog('img', form, 'Insert/edit image', 'OK');

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Bueditor Insert Image Code with float options

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