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at August 21, 2008 08:55 by stancell

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if (!function_exists('debug_mysql_query')) {
    function debug_mysql_query($query)
        $js_query = str_replace(array('\\', "'"), array("\\\\", "\\'"), $query);
        $js_query = preg_replace('#([\x00-\x1F])#e', '"\x" . sprintf("%02x", ord("\1"))', $js_query);
        echo '<script>console.log("'.$js_query.'");</script>'."\n";
        return mysql_query($query);

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Replace all mysql_query() calls in your project to debug_mysql_query() to see all mysql queries in Firebug console.

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Show mysql query log with firebug

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mysql, log, query

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