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at June 10, 2014 17:28 by johansonkatherine

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require 'path/to/lib/asposecloudsdk'

app_sid = '****'
app_key = '****'

Aspose::Cloud::Common::AsposeApp.app_key = app_key
Aspose::Cloud::Common::AsposeApp.app_sid = app_sid
Aspose::Cloud::Common::AsposeApp.output_location = ''

# Create Object of folder class
folder =
folder.upload_file 'path/to/storage/email_test.eml'

# Create object of converter
con_obj ='path/to/storage/email_test.eml')

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This technical tip shows how developers can convert email messages to other formats like EML, MSG & MHT in cloud using ruby language.

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Convert Email to Other Formats using Cloud API in Ruby

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email, ruby, api, convert

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