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at July 23, 2008 14:51 by vasilije

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import re

def replace(match, withwhat):
    starttext =
    n = len(withwhat)
    off = match.start(0)
    tmp = starttext
    for i in range(n):
            delta = len(tmp)-len(starttext)
            tmp = tmp[:match.start(i+1)-off+delta ] + withwhat[i]( + tmp[match.end(i+1)-off+delta:]
    return tmp
funcs = [lambda x: '1'+x+'1',lambda x: '2'+x+'2']
#regex contains 2 capturing groups
print re.sub(regex, lambda x: replace(x, funcs), text)

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python search-replace on a match with n non-nested groups

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regex, textmate, python

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