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import javax.xml.bind.annotation.* 
import javax.xml.bind.JAXB

@XmlAccessorType(XmlAccessType.FIELD) // without this annotation you'll see IllegalAnnotationException when try to marshall
public class Band {
	private String name
	private int establishedYear

	Band() {} // no-argument constaructor is required for POGO
	Band(String n, int e) {
		name = n
		establishedYear = e
	String toString() {
		"$name founded in $establishedYear"

f = new File('pogo.xml')
// let's save
JAXB.marshal(new Band('The Little Willies', 2003), f)
// and then load
assert JAXB.unmarshal(f, Band.class).establishedYear == 2003

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Example of JAXB-annotated POGO, marshalled and unmarshalled via static methods of JAXB object.

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Groovy object's marshalling/unmarshalling via JAXB

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xml, groovy

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