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at July 24, 2013 08:40 by mprabhuram

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vboxmanage clonehd -format vdi "Virtual Disk.vmdk" vbox2.vdi

# Create & register a new virtual machine in virtualbox 
vboxmanage createvm --name phd07 --register

# Set Parameters for newly created VM
vboxmanage modifyvm phd07 --ostype RedHat_64 --memory 8192 --cpus 6 --nic1 nat 

# Storage Controller
vboxmanage storagectl phd07 --name "SATA1" --add sata --controller IntelAhci

# Attach a existing disk
vboxmanage storageattach phd07 --storagectl "SATA1" --port 0 --device 0 --type hdd --medium "/vhdd/vbox2.vdi"

# Set up port forwarding
vboxmanage modifyvm phd07 --natpf1 "guestssh,tcp,,2222,,22" 
vboxmanage modifyvm phd07 --natpf1 "psql,tcp,,5432,,5432" 
vboxmanage modifyvm phd07 --natpf1 "phdcc,tcp,,5000,,5000" 

# If you need RDP support
vboxmanage modifyvm phd07 --vrde on --vrdemulticon on --vrdeport 3389 --vrdeauthtype external
VBoxManage setextradata phd07 "VBoxAuthSimple/users/gpadmin" 0fb25430a453886e1ae6974205cb89a7abfe6d7b4e308f5346f407977f83a513

# Kick off the VM in headless mode
vboxmanage startvm phd07 --type headless   


# Shutdown & Delete the VM   - p.s. this deletes config files and the attached disk
vboxmanage controlvm phd07 poweroff   
vboxmanage unregistervm phd07 --delete                 

# Monitor VMs
vboxmanage list runningvms
vboxmanage showvminfo phd07

#download virtualbox extension pack for enabling vrde

# Enable VRDE simpleauth (the username and password stored in the local config file itself)
VBoxManage setproperty vrdeauthlibrary "VBoxAuthSimple"
VBoxManage internalcommands passwordhash "gpadmin"
vboxmanage clonehd -format vdi "Virtual Disk.vmdk" vbox2.vdi
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vboxmanage clonehd -format vdi "Virtual Disk.vmdk" vbox2.vdi

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Companies provide a virtual image to test drive their software. Often the virtual machine is in vmware format. Use this to convert vmware vmdk file to virtualbox vdi file. Create a new virtualbox machine using this vdi. You are ready to go testing the virtual machine on virtualbox

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Convert VMWARE vmdk file to VIRTUALBOX vdi file

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