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<script language="javascript">
function CopyText(el){
    var selectedText = "";
        selectedText = window.getSelection();
    }else if (document.getSelection){
        selectedText = document.getSelection();
    }else if (document.selection){
        selectedText = document.selection.createRange().text;
    if(selectedText != ""){
        selectedText = selectedText.toString();
        el.value = selectedText;
        }else {
        alert("Select a text in the page and then press this button!");
Select any part of this text to copy it...
<form name="frmCopyText">
<textarea name="txtSelect" rows="4" cols="45"></textarea><br>
<input onclick="CopyText(this.form.txtSelect)"
       value="Press to copy the highlighted text"

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Sometimes you have some information on your page and your visitors might want to copy it. The easiest way is to provide a mechanism that allows them to simply click a button to do so. You have to paste this code into the head of your web page:

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Copy Selected Text in JavaScript

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